Barbering Program

For barbers seeking both technical and business training, and eventually shop ownership.

Barber School

Train to be a barbering professional at Shore Beauty School in Egg Harbor Township, NJ! In Shore’s Barbering program, students learn haircutting and styling using scissors, clippers and razors; shaving; hot towel treatments; and honing and stropping a razor.

Experienced barbers may visit your class to demonstrate barbering techniques and to discuss barber shop management. Shore’s Barbering program is designed for those most serious about building a long-term barbering career and potentially owning their own shop.

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Why Choose Shore Beauty School?

Are you looking for a barbering school that truly cares about your success? Your experience level doesn’t matter, as our licensed instructors will guide you step-by-step through your barbering education. Shore Beauty School focuses on providing you the knowledge and skills to sit for New Jersey State Board licensure, hands-on experience working on live patrons in our clinic, an education in salon business fundamentals and a path to long-term employment. Our education is designed to be fun and engaging, with activities such as styling competitions, awards for exceptional performance and a themed annual charity hair show. Shore tries to be more than a school. It’s not just about learning here. It’s about building a barbering career in a fun and engaging manner that we hope you will never forget!

Possible Career Paths

Exciting job opportunities are available to barbering professionals in both good and bad economic times. While Shore cannot guarantee you employment, Shore has a strong track record placing its graduates in barbering careers, including:

  • Barber
  • Hairstylist
  • Barber shop owner
  • Barbering instructor (with further education and licensing)

What You'll Learn

Your Barbering program is a specialized education, including techniques in:

  • Haircutting and styling using scissors, clippers and razors
  • Shaving
  • Hot towel treatments
  • Honing and stropping a razor
  • Barbering business and shop ownership fundamentals
  • New Jersey State Board barbering regulations
  • Including demonstrations from experienced barbers

Licensure Requirements

At Shore Beauty School, Barbering is a 1,000 hour program teaching the art, science and business of professional barbering. Under your “junior status,” your first 500 hours of training will emphasize theory (based on textbooks and lectures) and building basic practical skills as a barbering professional. Under “senior status,” your next 500 hours of training will continue building on barbering fundamentals, while providing you the opportunity to work on live patrons in our clinic under the supervision of a licensed instructor. Audio Visual aids and guest artists will supplement your core instruction. In order to become a licensed barbering professional, you are required to graduate in good standing from Shore, and pass the NJ State Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling’s theory and practical examinations.

(Shore’s Barbering program targets students who seek additional training beyond State Board requirements. As such, our Barbering program reinforces technical skills unique to barbering education, as well as an increased emphasis on business fundamentals to better prepare our students for the marketplace and shop ownership. SHORE’s Barbering program exceeds the NJ State Board minimum 900 clock hour requirements by 100 hours.)

Real-world Learning

Part of Shore Beauty School’s mission is to prepare our barbering students for entry-level employment in barbering or related fields. Shore’s active student clinic provides our students the opportunity to practice and build their skills while performing services on live patrons. The school also encourages students, while training in the clinic, to build a book of business that can be taken with them to a job after graduating. Additionally, you will learn Shear Success Business Fundamental, which Shore created as a practical supplement to the Barbering program. Shear Success teaches  techniques in building a book of business, networking, marketing, client management and maximizing earnings.


"Honestly, I really love the school. The people are very helpful, nice, and amazing. I had a great relationship with everyone and, can I say, doing people's hair and cutting hair is not easy BUT I never gave up because I've had one of the best teachers in the world help me get through it. Hanging out with some of my classmates were beautiful moments of my life and I promise to Keep in touch. Thank You Shore Beauty School for giving me the opportunity to attend the school. I couldn't have done it without you." Keith Hayes, 2016 Graduate
"From the admissions process to having my first client on the senior floor, Shore Beauty School has been a busy but fun experience on the road to a lifelong barbering career. At first, we are all the new kids in high school, but now we’ve all grown closer than some of our own family members. The teachers provide a realistic but practical approach to hands on learning in the classroom to help you learn the basics in hair. The senior floor introduces you to the real feel of a salon. Working with clients on a daily basis. I’ve learned more than I could have imagined and I feel prepared for the busy life of a barber when I graduate. This is a great school, that anyone who is considering a career in cosmetology, barbering, or skin care should sign up for immediately." Lenny Michalowski

Consumer Information

For U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics information on Barbering careers (SOC Code: 39-5011 and CIP Code: 12.0402) go to and For our graduation, job placement and licensure pass rates, as well as our graduates' median school debts and costs of enrollment, click here.

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