Travel Beauty Essentials

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Let’s face it, whether you travel for business or pleasure, the very act of traveling can take a toll on us for a number of reasons. Stress, dry airplane cabin air, dehydration and even blood flow inhibiting, high altitudes during flights all contribute to less than beautiful skin and can have you feeling less than glowing. Combine that with the unfortunate 3 oz rule for your liquid-based beauty products and it can be an all-out beauty battle to look and feel your best as you roam about the country. What’s a skin-conscious traveler to do? Don’t sweat it! We’ve got the must have beauty essentials you need to help you look and feel goodwhile you take your show on the road!


Heed the warnings –The 3 oz warnings. Cramming your favorite beauty products in a 3 oz container may seem like a royal pain. What’s worse is having your full-size faves tossed in the trash because they don’t meet the TSA requirements?! First must-have beauty essential for travel? Reusable 3 oz containers, (available at just about any drug store or major retailer) that allows you to bring the best of your collection on board with no problem! PS – Don’t forget the clear quart-size bags!


A quick cleanse is better than no cleanse at all –If you’re traveling light and can’t bring the full toner, cleanser, moisturizer kit in a carry-on bag, a great alternative is a good-quality travel size pack of makeup wipes. They don’t count as a liquid and can give you a much-needed freshening up without the hassle of lugging your entire skincare kit. Choose wipes with aloe or moisturizer to help combat that airplane cabin air.


Good things come in small packages –This is one time when less is definitely more! Most eye creams come in smaller than 3 oz sizes, making them a must have for keeping your eyes looking rested and without the larger-than-life size container.


We all scream for sunscreen –It’s the one thing that you should never, ever leave home, much less travel without. After all, if you get stuck in Miami on an extended layover, why hide inside from all that fabulous sun! A tinted sunscreen can be a multi-purpose essential so grab a full-size bottle of your favorite 30+ SPF or look for a just right travel size!



Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, one thing remains the same – neither is going to go well without the beauty essentials that keep you looking and feeling good!If you’ve got a soft spot for beautiful things and things that make other things beautiful – maybe you should consider a career in the world of beauty! Talented cosmetologists and estheticians are out there right now blazing their own trail with style in the beauty industry. For more information about careers in the beauty industry, contact your local state licensing board for a list of schools and programs offered in your area!

Valentine’s Day Looks

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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, finding a perfectly, crush-worthy look – is probably ranking #1 on to-do lists everywhere. After all, whether you’re prepping for a night on the town, or a laid-back Netflix night – why not look stunning? We thought we’d get the love-fest started by sharing some of the hottest V-Day looks making hearts throb this year!

Riding romantic waves – Nothing screams romance more than tousled, side-swept waves. And it’s not a hard look to pull off if you have some natural wave to your hair. Blow-dry with a large round brush after applying a bit of volume spray, sweeping it to the side. Make some waves in super-straight hair with the help of a curling iron and a spritz of hair spray.

Extra-smoky eye – Let’s face it, if you’re going to be gazing into your sweetie’s eyes – make sure yours are popping! The smoldering smoky eye is classic and also current. Apply black eyeliner to your top and bottom lid, followed by a blend of shadows that pair well with your eye color. Green eyes look gorgeous with gray/plum, brown eyes with blue/gray, and blue eyes pop with gold/copper shadow blends.

Racy red lips – It’s never cliché to sport the reddest of red lips – no matter what the occasion is. But somehow it feels especially right on V-Day. Whether you choose glossy and shimmering or a bold matte – you simply can’t go wrong with red.

Silky and sleek – Not to be outdone by romantic waves, straight, sleekly styled hair is glamorous accessory to any V-Day look. Use a good heat spray to protect your hair and blow dry in sections with a round brush. Finish with a once over from your trusty flat-iron for a super-smooth finish.

Romantically braided bun – A loosely piled up-do is a great addition to the perfect LBD. But weave in some braids to your bun and get ready to channel your inner medieval princess.

Get the most out of your V-Day experience by having some fun with your look. And if you’re more than a little passionate about creating signature styles all year round, you should check out the cosmetology programs in your area! After all, wouldn’t it be great to do something you love for a living? Contact your local state licensing board today for a list of beauty schools near you.