Teacher Training Program

Teacher Training:  Creating “Beautiful Careers” for others.

Cosmetology Instructor Training Program

Train to be a cosmetology instructor at Shore Beauty School in Egg Harbor Township, NJ! For those who are already licensed cosmetologists and wish to help create “Beautiful Careers” for others, teaching is a wonderful means of passing on ones knowledge of the beauty profession. In Shore’s Teacher Training program, students review all aspects of the Cosmetology & Hairstyling program, in addition to specialized training as a cosmetology instructor.

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Train in our modern, technology-enabled facility and learn the tools you'll need for a successful career as a cosmetology instructor.

Why Choose Shore Beauty School?

Are you looking for a cosmetology school that truly cares about your success? Your experience level doesn’t matter, as our licensed instructors will guide you step-by-step through your cosmetology instructor education. Shore Beauty School focuses on providing you the knowledge and skills to sit for New Jersey State Board licensure, hands-on experience working on live patrons in our clinic, an education in beauty business fundamentals and a path to long-term employment. Typically, Shore seeks Teacher Training students for its own instructional staff. Our education is designed to be fun and engaging, with activities such as styling competitions, awards for exceptional performance and themed charity hair shows. Shore tries to be more than a school. It’s not just about learning here. It’s about building a teaching career in a fun and engaging manner that we hope you will never forget!

Possible Career Paths

Exciting job opportunities are available to cosmetology teaching professionals in both good and bad economic times. While Shore cannot guarantee you employment at Shore or other institutions, Shore has a strong track record placing its graduates in teaching careers, including:

  • Employment at Shore Beauty School as an Instructor
  • Employment at other cosmetology schools
  • Salon trainer
  • Continued employment as a cosmetologist, barber, hairstylist, colorist, manicurist or skin care specialist

What You'll Learn

Your Teacher Training program will include a review of the Cosmetology & Hairstyling curriculum along with all aspects of NJ State Board’s other cosmetology licensures. You will receive further training in teaching methods, such as: discussion, questions and answers, cooperative learning, demonstration and presentations, problem solving, interactive lecture, individual instruction, and lab and salon activities.

Licensure Requirements

At Shore Beauty School, Teacher Training is a 600 hour program teaching the art, science and business of cosmetology and hairstyling education. During the first three hundred (300) hours of the course, learning activities take place in the lecture room and classroom, separate from the "Beauty Clinic," to ensure a quiet and orderly learning environment. Junior students begin with an evaluation of their skills in the art and science of cosmetology and hairstyling. A prescription of remedial education is established and implemented. Commensurate with remedial education, the students begin to increase their responsibilities by beginning, under the observation of the teaching staff, to assist undergraduate students. The experiences of the student instructor during this phase are reviewed in conference with the staff and individual recommendations are made.

During the second three hundred (300) hours of the course, the student instructor moves to the "Beauty Clinic." During this phase of the course, the student’s teacher engages in the same process previously described, however, with the educational needs of the senior under-graduate and the needs of the patrons of the Beauty Clinic as a focus.

As part of this program, students must complete an additional thirty (30) college level, clock hours in educational methods, which course must be approved by the NJ State Board, and is administered off-site by a NJ State approved institution. The cost of the educational methods supplement is determined by the provider and is in addition to Shore tuition.

Shore’s Teacher Training curriculum exceeds the State Board’s standard 500 hour curriculum to better prepare our instructors. Shore incorporates supplements to our educational programs, including Shear Success Business Fundamentals, that we believe enhance our curriculum beyond State Board standards and necessitate additional training for our instructors.

In order to become a licensed skin care professional, you are required to graduate in good standing from Shore, and pass the NJ State Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling’s theory and practical examinations for Skin Care.

Real-world Learning

Part of Shore Beauty School’s mission is to prepare our Teacher Training students for entry-level employment as an instructor or related beauty fields. Shore’s active student clinic provides our students the opportunity to practice and build their skills while performing services on live patrons. Additionally, you will learn Shear Success Business Fundamental, which Shore created as a practical supplement to the Cosmetology & Hairstyling program. Shear Success teaches techniques in building a book of business, networking, marketing, client management and maximizing earnings.

Consumer Information

For U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics information on Cosmetology Instructor/Post-Secondary Vocational Instructor Careers (SOC Code: 25-1194 and CIP Code: 12.0413) go to http://www.onetonline.org/link/summary/25-1194.00 and http://www.bls.gov/oes/current/oes251194.htm. For our graduation, job placement and licensure pass rates, as well as our graduates' median school debts and costs of enrollment, click here.

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