(Prices Vary Based Upon Extent of Services, Hair and Client Needs)

Haircut (scissor/razor/clipper)$7.00 & up
Men’s haircut$7.00 & up
Kid’s haircut (under 12)$5.00 & up
Shampoo w/ setting lotion (based on hair length)$7.00 & up
Shampoo, blow dry (based on hair length)$8.00 – 18.00
Shampoo, blow dry, curl (based on hair length)$12.00 & up
Shampoo, blow dry, flat iron (based on hair length)$13.00 & up
Doobie wrap (set w/ large rollers & smoothed)$15.00
Flat iron or curl (based on hair length)$5.00 & up


French braid (based on hair length)$10.00 & up
Finger waves$15.00
Hair wrap (base on hair length)$10.00 – 15.00
Spiral sets (rods or rollers)$15.00 – 20.00
Glue-in hair tracks$8.00 per track or $ 55.00 for full head
Sew-in hair tracks$12.00 per track or $ 80.00 for full head
Cornrow braiding (natural hair – based on time)$25.00 & up
Partial twisties w/ style$18.00 & up
Flat twisties with hair added and curled$25.00 & up
Flat twisties with hair added & French roll$30.00
French roll$15.00 – 20.00
French roll with twisties (all natural hair)$18.00 – 25.00
Ponytail wrap around$15.00 & up
Press & curl (based on hair length)$15.00 – 25.00
Braids with hair added$45.00 & up
Braids removal $11.00 & up
Goddess braids with hair added$45.00
Wigs washed & set (we do not cut artificial hair)$7.00 & up
Special shampoos$3.00
Deep conditioners$6.00
Special color treatment$5.00
Dandricide treatment$3.00
Aphogee treatment$11.00
Semi-permanent color$20.00
Demi-permanent color$25.00
Permanent color$25.00
Clear glazing (with color)$15.00
Clear glazing (no color)$20.00
Highlights (partial-20 foils or less)$30.00 & up
Highlights (full head)$50.00 & up
Cap highlighting$30.00
Color toner$15.00 & up
(Note:  all additional color products are $6.00 per ounce) 
Permanent wave w/ haircut$35.00
Spiral perm wrap w/ haircut$60.00
Piggyback perm wrap w/ haircut$65.00
Virgin relaxer$40.00
Relaxer with conditioner & roller set$25.00 & up
Relaxer w/ conditioner, blow dry & curl$35.00 & up
Relaxer w/ conditioner and spiral set$40.00 & up
Relaxer w/ conditioner and wrap$35.00 & up
Pure NV Keratin Treatment (add’l product is $10.00 per ounce$135.00 & up
Manicure (regular)$10.00
Natural Gel Nail Service$15.00 & up
  • $5 for gel removal; nail/cuticle cutting and foot scraping not included with service
Dermalogica facial$25.00
Basic Facial$10.00
Eyebrow tweezing$3.00
Eyebrow or Lip wax$4.00
Chin wax$5.00
Side burn Wax$5.00
Strip Eyelashes$8.00
Eye tabbing (individual lashes)$10.00 & up
Shave$10.00 & up


Located in English Creek Shopping Center

Phone: 888-BE SHORE or 609-645-3635 | Email: admin1@shorebeautyschool.com | Website: www.shorebeautyschool.edu

Only products supplied by the school will be used.
Discounted beauty services performed by our senior students, under licensed instructor supervision. 
All pricing subject to adjustment based upon number of treatments, amount of product and other needs.

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