How to Take Care of Your Skin During the Colder Seasons

How to Take Care of Your Skin During the Colder Seasons

Cold, winter weather can wreak havoc with your skin. Icy temperatures, strong winds, and low humidity can rob your skin of much-needed moisture, and dry, indoor heat does the same. The result is dry, flakey, itchy skin, that can even crack and become irritating. That’s why you should consider the following tips to keep your skin smooth, soft, and radiant all winter long.

Don’t strip your skin of moisture

Your skin produces natural oils to protect itself, so you don’t want to remove those oils. Avoid frequently washing too much using hot water, taking long showers or baths, or using harsh cleansers or ones with drying ingredients like glycolic or salicylic acids. When you do shower or bathe, gently pat your skin dry and use a body oil or lotion to keep that moisture in.

Adjust your home climate

Although it’s tempting to crank up the heat on cold days, try to keep your thermostat at the lowest temperature that still feels comfortable to you. Also, add moisture to the air by using a humidifier, as that moisture will be absorbed by your thirsty skin.

Drink up

Speaking of thirst, you can moisturize your skin from the inside out by drinking lots of water every day. Try to avoid alcohol, coffee or soda in excess as those beverages actually have dehydrating effects on the body.

Protect yourself from the sun

Some people think that sunscreen is only necessary during the summer months, but that’s not true. In fact, the sun can reflect off snow and ice and hit you from different angles than usual. Sun exposure is a year-round risk when you are outdoors, so make wearing sunscreen a habit.

Find a favorite moisturizer

Switch to a heavier, oil-based moisturizer during the colder months, and consider overnight deep moisturizing treatments for problem areas like lips, hands, and feet. Putting socks or gloves on over lotion can keep it from wearing off and let it sink into skin. Paraffin wax treatments on hands and feet can also help hydrate and leave your skin feeling smooth and soft.

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Tips to Opening your Own Spa, Salon or Barbershop in 2022

Tips to opening your own spa, salon, or barbershop in 2022

You’ve worked hard to develop your skills in the beauty industry, and now it’s time to take those skills to the next level by creating your own beauty business. Whether you are interested in opening a beauty salon, spa, barbershop, or any other beauty/wellness establishment, there are some important tips you should follow to put you on the path to success.

Write a Business Plan

You have the drive and the passion to start your business, but do you have a plan? A detailed business plan not only provides you with a roadmap for structuring, running, and growing your new spa, salon or barbershop, it also can help you acquire funding or bring on investors or business partners. Check out the U.S. Small Business Administration’s helpful guide to writing a business plan to get started.

Run the Numbers

It’s important to take a realistic look at how much money it is going to cost to establish your business and keep it running. Those costs include things like rent, training, insurance, equipment, inventory, staffing and more. Understand that with the upfront and operating costs, it may take months or even a year or more before you’ll be able to turn a profit. Figure out what you are going to charge for your products and services based on industry standards, and consider talking to a financial planner or seeking a small business loan if you need help getting started.

Know the Rules and Regulations

This is the more tedious side of the business, but you’ll have to learn what is required of you to run a business in your county/state. Most businesses are legally required to have insurance, and there are a number of types of insurance that may be required for your business. Additionally, you’ll need to get a business license, secure beauty licenses from your staff, arrange for a health and fire marshal inspection of your workspace, and more.  Do some research and prepare yourself for what is needed.

Find Your Place and Your People

You’ll need to determine the right location for your new salon space. If you want to keep the clients you already have from an existing job, you’ll likely need to find a space relatively close by, so those clients won’t have to drive far to stay with you.  Also, try to rent a space that you can grow into, but not so large that you are paying for wasted space. Finally, take your time choosing your employees, as the right staff can make or break your business.

Once you’ve established your business, look for creative ways to market yourself and spread the word.

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Top 5 Beauty Trends to Look for in 2022

top 5 beauty trends to look for in 2022

The beauty industry continues to evolve and, as we move into 2022, there are a lot of exciting trends you should look for, especially if you are considering a career in the beauty industry. Whether you are considering becoming a cosmetologist, skin care specialist, makeup artist, nail technician, or any other career option in beauty and wellness, it’s important to be up to date on the latest and most popular fads. Here are the top 5 trends for beauty in 2022!

Skin is In!

The skincare market is outpacing makeup and haircare, with more and more people looking for high-quality, personalized skincare products to take care of all their skincare woes and give them healthier skin.  Also, consumers began to shun complicated, multi-step skincare routines last year with the rise of “skinamalism” and are now seeking simpler solutions. Look for microbiome skincare products featuring pre- and probiotics or fermented ingredients for balanced, better skin.

Real Sustainability Rocks

More consumers are now calling brands on “greenwashing” which is claiming that products have eco-friendly ingredients and materials when they don’t. To combat this, look for more transparency in the industry, recycling initiatives and new “condensed or waterless” formulations that take up less space and cause less waste than those big plastic containers of shampoo or body wash. People want beauty products that are good for them and good for the planet.

The Guys Are Coming on Strong

Male grooming will continue to flourish in 2022. As the norms around traditional masculinity has evolved, male-focused beauty and wellness products and services are on the rise. In fact, the male grooming market is expected to generate global sales of $81.2 billion by 2024! This might be a great time to consider taking advantage of this movement and getting training as a barber.

Diversity is Key

The beauty industry continues to make strides to serve a more diverse audience by creating products and formulations that address people of all races, ethnicities and origins. Some makeup companies are helping to advance equality by offering foundations in the full spectrum of skin color, for example, and having more inclusive products and marketing. Additionally, there has been a significant rise in the number of beauty brands launched by people of color.

Beauty Gets Techy

Finally, see how the beauty and tech space combine in 2022! People will be able to personalize custom makeup and skincare formulations, try on looks virtually, and even give makeovers to their avatars to make the gaming universe more beautiful.

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