hair tips


Many people are the victim of their own crime when it comes to their hair and often inflict upon themselves perfectly avoidable damage by not knowing the do’s and don’ts of good hair care practices. Fortunately, you can arm yourself with knowledge about how to prevent damage to your hair and if you heed a few simple tips, you can keep yourself from committing the ultimate crime of self-inflicted permanent bad hair days.

  1. Change it up Before it Changes on You! Certain styles that constrict the hair follicle such as a ponytail or a bun, can cause extra stress on your hair due to the unnatural tension. Try to avoid tight rubber band accessories and a style that tightly grips your hair day after day. This can cause hair follicles to split or break and create frizzy, unhealthy hair. It’s ok to throw that hair in a soft scrunchie that is a little easier on the hair, but let your hair breathe in between to keep it looking healthy.
  2. You Snooze you Lose! That is, don’t snooze with a wet head. Before going to bed make sure your hair is completely dry. Not only will your hair dry in a strange shape, going to sleep with wet or damp hair leaves you more vulnerable to dandruff.
  3. Poolside Problems- As we know, chlorine can be public enemy #1 for your hair. Not only does it dry out your hair but any highlights or dye can be altered from being in contact with that summer swimming fun. Always give your hair a rinse after you take a dip in the pool. One preventative measure you can take is lathering your hair with some hair oil or coconut oil before swimming, which acts as a shield and can keep the majority of harmful chemicals out.
  4. Blowout Boundaries- Many hairstylists tend to be time crunched and may be rushing your blowout; therefore, using high heat to speed up the process. Be sure that your stylist isn’t a jam-packed one where this could be an issue. Bringing your own hair thermal protection can save the day also.
  5. Touch-up Tendencies- When drying your own hair, most tend to go all the way to the ends every time. Doing this can dehydrate your hair which can result in an unnatural blend of color. Preventative measures can be applying conditioner where you wish to stop to prevent the dye from running.
  6. Under the UV- Sunscreen in the hair is crucial for your days at the beach or pool but you should make it a habit to do this more frequently no matter what you’re doing. Believe it or not any and all light can be damaging to your hair. This includes the sun, being near any windows or even the lights in your office or house. Stay protected to avoid lightening of your hair color.
  7. Protein Mask Mishaps- Although protein masks are fantastic for repairing hair, be sure to keep a good balance between protein and moisture. Too much of just protein can leave your hair fragile.

If you were enlightened on harmful hair care situations, it’s never too late to turn things around. Be sure with this summer in full heat you’re prepared to protect your hair. If you want to be on top of your hair game and are open to endless learning about beauty and cosmetology, contact your local state licensing board to find a school that suits you. Stay fresh, stay clean, and most importantly, stay on top of your game!



makeup tips


Maybe it’s the gloriously warm sun or the blissfully long summer days, but there’s definitely something about summer that brings out our desire to shine more than any other season! Ready or not, summer is here, and as you put away your parkas and pull out your flip-flops, you’re probably considering what you want your summer style to be.  Fortunately, the options are as plentiful as sand on the beach! So whether you’re the daytime beach goer, summer night on the town type, or both – this summer season has hot trends that are as natural or nurtured as you want them to be!

Blaze a beautiful trailwith bronzer! The toasty, bronzed look of sun-kissed, glowing skin is light on the face but packs a pretty and powerful punch. Don’t forgo the sunscreen though, cause you can get the sun-kissed look minus the damaging UV rays with bronzer! This easy summer look is the multi-tasker of make-up. It goes with anything, anywhere. Just sweep bronzer over your cheeks and eyes and get ready to be noticed!

Gorgeously gothic lips – Are you going for fierce and dramatic?  Try black lipstick and dark eyeliner and showcase your sultry side. Apply a lighter shade towards the center of your lips to really accentuate that boldly, gothic feel.

Candy coated color – If dark and sultry isn’t your thing, try making your lips make a statement with bright, candy colored lips! Don’t be intimidated by bright neon pink or bold cherry red! This summer, let your lips take center stage! But whether you are going gothic or bright on the lips, be sure to keep your lips hydrated and reapply color as needed.

The “Eyes” have it – Let your eyes be the main attraction without worrying about perfectly painted on eyeliner. The cool girl eye is an un-fussy, just rolled out of bed look with slightly smudged liner for a smoky stare. To achieve this style, don’t apply eyeliner to your eyelid, try riding over your lash lines and leaving it for an effortless looking, lightly smudged look.

The most important thing to keep in mind this summer is stay fearless! Don’t hesitate to try a new look you haven’t tried before. Make summer 2017 the year of you! If you’re looking for an even more adventurous summer, consider taking on the beauty industry as a whole. Careers in cosmetology are in high demand and you can master your own look and be the one people come running to help them master theirs! Join the fellow artists who are ready to help you prosper in the exciting world of beauty. Contact your local state licensing board to find a list of cosmetology schools near you. After all, are you waiting on success to arrive, or are you going out to find where it’s hiding?


beard header


If you are a fan of the full facial hair experience, you know that a great B.E.A.R.D. = being exceptional among regular dudes. And to truly achieve such exceptionalism, it’s essential to understand the beard, to revere the beard and most importantly, know how to care for the beard! Fortunately, this glorious ode to manliness has been around for centuries and well-groomed men everywhere can now use these easy tips to keep their beards looking absolutely epic!
  1. Patience makes the beard grow longer – Even though it can be itchy and awkward during its formation, resisting the urge to trim or style your newly sprouted beard in the first month or two, is essential. Everyone’s beard grows at a different pace so be patient until yours has a chance to fill in evenly.
  2. Cleanliness is next to beardliness – Keeping your beard clean is as important as keeping the hair on your head clean but can be more difficult because you essentially eat with your beard too! Shampoo it just as you would your scalp and use conditioner to keep coarse beard hair softer. Avoid vigorous towel drying and pat your beard dry to keep it from looking frizzy.
  3. Show me the shape of your beard – Decide on a beard shape and style that suits your face. If your face is rounded and full, shape your beard with strong lines around the jaw to minimize curves. For angular faces, a longer beard can lend a fuller look to your face. During the growth period and launch of your beard, trim and train your beard based on the shape you have chosen.
  4. Speaking of training – Training your beard requires regular trimming and nothing relaxes a beard like a nice rub of good quality beard oil. Use a beard comb or brush after applying the beard oil and soon your beard will be soft, shiny and smell great!
  5. Tools of the trade – Like anything else, having the right tools make any job easier. Invest in a good quality adjustable beard trimmer, trimming scissors and a beard comb and brush. Through trial and error, you will figure out the best way to trim your beard for optimal results.
  6. When to say when – to trim – Knowing when to trim is as important as trimming in general so be careful not to over trim or to not trim enough. And never trim a wet beard. Just as your hair is longer when wet, your beard will appear longer too and you can end up trimming too much off of a wet beard.
  7. Don’t fear commitment – You have to commit to a beard maintenance routine. If you vary too far from a regular scheduled trim, wash or shaping, you can be right back where you started in pre-beard purgatory.
 The beauty of the beard is that they do come in so many shapes and styles making it easy to find the one that works for you. You can always visit your favorite barber for some good advice and quality trimming assistance. Barbers are typically trained in a wide variety of trimming and shaving techniques and can help you see your beard through to its fullest potential! The barbering industry is always looking for talented craftsman to wield the tools of their trade. If you’ve ever thought about becoming a professional barber, check out local barbering schools in your area by visiting your local state licensing board’s website for more information.