Balayage Hair Ideas to Try This Spring

Balayage Hair Ideas to Try This Spring

Ready to kick off this spring with some Balayage hair ideas that you are going to want to try? If you’re not familiar with the hugely popular hair trend, Balayage, you should get familiar. What is Balayage? Strictly speaking, Balayage is derived from the French word bilayer, which means to sweep or to paint. A fitting description because in the world of beauty, it’s a technique of literally hand-painting highlights onto the hair. But in such a way that the color is applied to the hair in a more subtle, dimensional way that looks effortlessly natural. Translation? Perfect pops of color and contrast without the distinct stripes of traditional highlights. If you’re ready to take the Balayage plunge, check out some of the gorgeous styles making their debut on heads everywhere this spring.

Platinum to the end

Or more accurately, at the ends. If you’ve always wanted to go platinum blonde but don’t love the idea of something so dramatically different, this balayage color combo is for you. This look starts with medium or brown/blonde roots with gradually lighter blonde down the length and bright platinum at the tips. The effect is warm but bright at the same time.

Mahogany & copper

If your hair is a darker shade of auburn, rich copper highlights literally gleam with an eye-catching shimmer.

Rose gold garden

Who doesn’t love rose gold? It is even more magical painted over long light hair! The rose gold highlights start higher up in this Balayage style and are also applied to the strands framing your face.

50 shades of blonde

Ok, so maybe not 50, but multiple shades of blonde applied in thicker swaths to medium length hair adds incredible dimension. It also creates an effortless sun-kissed look that shines without the sun!

Cover me in caramel

Perfect for longer hair where the highlights can have room to run, caramel, and almost golden highlights are applied at the roots and also at the tips in an alternating fashion. The result is a rich, deeply golden color that has shine to spare.

Dark meets light

If you’re a true deep brunette, you might think blonde is out of the question. But strands of blonde and golden brown mixed in to dark or black hair with a few strategic strands framing the face is fabulous!

There are as many versions of Balayage as there are color combinations making the options virtually endless! So, make this spring memorable with an unforgettable new look. If creating signature looks all year round is your passion, maybe a career in cosmetology is right for you! Contact Shore Beauty School or book your campus tour today and get started on making your dream career a reality!