Get Ready for Summer with a Safe & Sunless Spray Tan

Get Ready for Summer with a Safe & Sunless Spray Tan

Has a long winter indoors left you looking pale and ghostlike? As summer approaches, it’s time to prepare for shorts, tank tops, and swimwear by getting a gorgeous, glowing tan. But we all know that laying out in the sun is bad for you, and some self-tanners can leave you looking a little orange. For a safe, sunless, and natural-looking solution, you may want to get a spray tan. Here are some tips for a fabulous faux tan.

How to Prep Your Skin

Before you go get your spray tan, it’s important to exfoliate your entire body the day before with a mild scrub or loofah. Also, you should shave before the spray tan,  not right after, but again, shave a day or several hours before so the tanner doesn’t settle in your pores. On the day of your spray tan, avoid wearing makeup, perfumes, creams, lotions, oils, or deodorants. Anything on your skin can cause uneven results.

What to Expect

Most spray tanning services will provide you with disposable underwear that you can wear when spray tanning, or you can go fully natural if you aren’t shy. Be sure to remove any jewelry or accessories and tuck your hair into a hair net or cap (also usually provided). Your tanning specialist will talk to you about how dark you’d like your tan to be, and then will spray your entire body, usually starting with your face and working down. Follow instructions so your application is even.

Finishing Touches

Once finished, your tanning specialist will ensure that your palms and nails are clean of tanning solution. They may buff certain areas that they feel are uneven, and some may dry you with an air hose.

After the Spray Tan

When you are fully dry, you can get dressed. Wear dark, loose clothing so your tan doesn’t rub off (and if some does, it isn’t noticeable). Follow your tanning specialist’s instructions as in most cases you’ll have to avoid getting wet for 8 -12 hours as your tan develops. Be warned that your tan may appear darker than you anticipated at first, but after you rinse off the bronzer, you should have the natural look you desire. If you are tanning for a specific event, most people recommend you get your spray tan 2 – 3 days before so it is fully developed before you go.

Your spray tan will typically last 5 – 12 days, but will fade faster on your hands and face. Follow instructions on making your tan last as long as possible, and use lotions specifically designed for spray- tanned skin, as some ingredients in regular lotions can actually strip your tan off faster.

Get Your Spray Tan Today!

If you’d like to get a gorgeous glow to get ready for summer, book an appointment or show up (walk-ins welcome) at Shore Beauty School’s REDKEN Premier School Clinic. We offer the Norvell spray tan, an immediate beautiful bronze tan that not only looks good but is formulated with a skin-firming blend that builds and restores the skin’s matrix.

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