How to Become a Hairstylist and Open a Salon

Become a hairstylist and open a salon

If you’ve dreamed of becoming a hairstylist and someday owning your own salon, it’s time to put yourself on the path towards making that dream come true. Working as a hairstylist and helping people to look and feel their best can be a very rewarding career, and, if you have an entrepreneurial spirit, owning your own salon can be an exciting way to take your career to the next level – giving you freedom and control over your own business.

Get the Training You Need

To start with, you’ll need to gain the skills and knowledge you’ll need to succeed, by enrolling in a Cosmetology & Hairstyling program through an accredited school like Shore Beauty School. Shore also has a renowned beauty clinic where you can gain real-world experience, further develop your technical skills, speed, confidence, and professionalism by working with actual clients.

Learn Business Fundamentals

Shore also offers Shear Success Business Fundamentals, a supplemental program that teaches you the foundation of building a business, including creating a book of clientele, networking, marketing, client management, and ways to maximize your earnings.

Make a Business Plan

Once you’ve graduated and have passed your licensing exam, you may want to start working at a salon to gain some experience before starting out on your own. When you’re ready to start your own business, the first step is always to write a solid business plan, as well as considering costs (how much you will need to get started, how much to charge, how much business you will need to do to keep the salon running and profitable). You may also need to consider taking out a small business loan or looking for an investor to help you get started. If done well, your business plan can help you secure a loan or investor. 

Salon Start-up Checklist

Here are some of the key steps you’ll need to consider when opening your own hair salon. You’ll need to:

  • Choose your legal structure.
  • Register your salon business and its name.
  • Choose a location to rent or buy.
  • Get a license to operate.
  • Get insurance.
  • Choose suppliers.
  • Purchase the equipment, salon furniture, and supplies you’ll need.
  • Hire your staff (receptionist, stylists, nail techs, etc.).
  • Train your new hires.
  • Start booking and marketing.

It can be a lot of work, but if you are passionate about owning your own business and love the beauty industry, it can definitely pay off.

Come to the Shore!

Shore Beauty School can help you gain all the skills you need to find a beauty career that you are truly passionate about. Whether you’re interested in Cosmetology, Barbering, Skin Care Specialty, or Manicuring, we offer hands-on training at our campus in Egg Harbor, New Jersey.

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