Top Trending Nail Styles to Celebrate National Nail Polish Day

Top Trending Nail Styles to Celebrate National Nail Polish Day

Not that we needed a reason to adorn our digits with a trendy new style, but what better way to celebrate National Nail Polish Day? Yes, June 1st is officially the day to pay homage to our desire for perfectly polished fingers and toes! So, what are the summery, celebratory favorites this year? Take a look –

  1. Holy holographic

If the idea of a 3D-shimmering rainbow inspires you, you’ll definitely want to try holographic polish. Holographic polishes have a pigment made out of aluminum and magnesium fluoride added to them and the result is a light refracting look that is absolutely stunning!

  1. White party

For your nails, that is. Bright white polish packs a summery punch and is the perfect accessory to celebrate National Nail Polish Day.

  1. Color swap

Enjoy changing it up? Well then, this heat reactive color changing polish is perfect for you! You can start out thinking pink and be greyed out by the end of the day.

  1. Yellow Gold

This trendy shade is not pastel or mustard-like. Think rich and golden yellow like the yolk of an egg.

  1. Orange – red is the new red

Fiery red with a distinct feeling of orange flame, this color is hot!

  1. Jelly nails

Or glass nails, are transparent and come in glossy or matte colors. You can buy a DIY set or have them created at your nail salon.

  1. Are you blue

Shades of blue are bringing the heat this summer with colors like dusty blue and pale blue looking as cool as they are hot!

  1. Can you smell what’s cookin’

Maybe not, but you’ll love the aroma and the look of these delicately scented lacquers.

If you’re having trouble deciding on the perfect polish to celebrate with, why not make it National Nail Polish Week and try them all? And if you’ve got more than a passing interest in the creative world that is nail artistry – why not turn your passion into a career! A great place to start is by checking out the Manicuring Programand the Cosmetology Programat Shore Beauty School. Shore is helping students get the training and skills they need to join the talented artists out there making fingers and toes shine!Contact us now for more information or to schedule a virtual campus tour.