do it yourself natural makeup looks

DIY Natural Makeup Looks

While it can be fun to go full glam with your makeup for a special event or night on the town, most of us require a more natural look for our everyday lives. The goal is to look like yourself, but better, enhancing your best features and feeling confident. Try out some of these do-it-yourself natural makeup looks that are trending and show you off!

Replace full coverage foundation for a tinted moisturizer

Some people find that a full-coverage foundation feels too heavy for a natural, everyday look. Instead, choose a sheer, tinted moisturizer to even out and brighten your skin tone without weighing you down. Find one with an SPF as well, and it’ll be doing triple-duty for your skin.

Swap your cakey blush for a flush of sheer color

If you want a natural-looking blush, opt for sheer, cream formulas that blend in smoothly and never look cakey. Use a formula that is light and buildable, so you don’t overdo those rosy cheeks.

Go for natural highlights, not glitter

The right highlighter can give you a dewy glow and emphasize your cheekbones. The key is to find one with finely milled particles and a satiny finish, so you look luminous, but not glittery. Use a light touch and apply wherever the sun would naturally reflect off your skin.

Brush up brows instead of overplucking or overdrawing

Brows can often look overdone, either too dark and filled in or overplucked and unnatural. Instead, simply use a spoolie brush to brush your eyebrows straight up or on the diagonal towards your temples to make you look more awake and energized. You can use a clear brow gel or try the latest trend of using glycerin soap (“soap brows”) to set them in place.

Opt for neutral eyes instead of dramatic

For a professional, daytime look, consider lightly dusting your lids in a sheer, pale color (such as taupe) and then “cutting the crease” of your eyelid with a slightly darker neutral. There are lots of lovely neutral eye shadow palettes available that coordinate with your eye color to help you achieve a soft, natural look.

Choose a nude lip balm instead of a bold lipstick

Finally, ditch the bright red lipstick, super shiny glosses or bold matte colors, and choose a lightly tinted lip balm. You’ll get a hint of natural color while moisturizing your lips.

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