Party Nails You Cannot Live Without

Colder weather is already here and it’s time to show off your best, including those party nails you cannot live without! Party nails are a must for all those holiday get-togethers headed your way. It’s time to wow the crowd with a festive look that says bring on the fun! While you are finding the right outfit or perfect hairstyle. don’t forget about the accessory that is right at your fingertips! To help you finish your ideal party look, check out this season’s party nails you are going to need in your life.

Chasing Stars

You can wish upon ten stars with this star-crazed style. Start with a clear lacquer and then finish it off with a 5-point star. Paint the star in black or white polish in the center of each nail. Dab a little of the clear lacquer in the center of each star and apply sparkly gems, sequins, or glitter.

Plum Crazy

Because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean red and green are your only options! A vibrant plum polish is even more gorgeous paired with a gold or silver painted snowflake. Use a metallic polish to get that holiday foil look.

Foiled Again

Speaking of foil, put metallic foil-looking flakes over clear polish. It’s simple but packs a punch in the style department!

Keep it Ornamental

These party nails are so simple to pull off! Paint a straight line from the center of your cuticles about one-third of the way. Then draw a sideways “C” and a small rounded “ornament top.” The bulb of the ornament is a circle painted under the end of your ornament hanger using clear polish. Decorate each nail random with a mixture of glitter, sequins, or even colorful stripes. 

Holiday French

This is a twist on the classic French manicure. It can be for whatever holiday you happen to be celebrating. This is your basic white-tipped French manicure, but instead of clear polish as a base, try a deep festive red. Or glam it up with a black base, white tips, and a placed gem in the center at the tip of each nail.

Icicles Baby

This frosty, but elegant look starts with a base polish in the palest blue you can find. Start at the tip of your nail, and paint alternating icicles. Use white, light gray, and silver glitter, finishing with a pointed tip to get that spiked icicle look.

Pulling together the perfect party nails this season doesn’t have to be difficult. Not to mention, it’s a great way to let your hands do the talking. If you’ve got a passion for creating signature nails that rock, you should turn your passion into a career! Nail artistry is one option out of many in the world of beauty. Are you ready to tap into your inner artist and earn a living doing something you love? Contact your local state licensing board for a list of schools and programs in your area! Take the initiative and learn more about careers in the beauty industry today.