Pump up the volume on your hair

Ready to Pump Up the Volume on Your Hair?

Are you looking for ways to pump up the volume on your hair? You work so hard for your hair to look good every day, it’s
safe to say that thin is not in. Unfortunately, some of us were
born with hair so thin and fine that the word flat doesn’t go quite far enough
to describe it. So, what’s a desperately-seeking volume hair fanatic to do?
We’ll tell you! You can have fuller, more voluptuous hair! We’ve
got 6 great tips for pumping up the volume on your hair.

Don’t tease me

Actually, DO tease – your hair, that is. Not the old-school
way of teasing with a fine-toothed comb viciously combing your hair backwards.
Use a brush with a mix of nylon and boar bristles to minimize breakage and
back-brush your hair in sections in a few rapid strokes, spraying each section
as you go with hairspray. Finish by brushing the top layer down smooth over the

Cut to the chase

Cut your way to fuller hair is more accurate. Your cut can
be a big factor in your hair’s volume. Shorter cuts tend to look fuller and adding
layers has long been a go-to for stylists to increase volume.

Pick the right products

Not all hair is cut from the same cloth. If your roommate
has naturally curly hair, chances are her shampoo and conditioner are not going
to deliver the best results for your hair. Choose products that are
specifically designed for your hair type. Volume-building shampoos and
root-boosting sprays work great for adding fullness.

Condition with caution

Avoid conditioners that are too creamy and heavy. Apply conditioner
to the bottom half of your hair only, to avoid weighing it down to an even
flatter state.

Roll with the flow

Sleeping in hot rollers is another great way to add volume
to your hair. Use the large size rollers and roll up your hair in two-inch
sections all the way to the root. The next morning, va-va-va-volume!

Turn things upside down

Let gravity help you in your quest for volume. Flip your
hair over and blow dry your hair upside down. Your roots are already lifting
away from your scalp in that position so blow drying them in that direction
gives you the volume right where you need it the most.

Pulling off the look you want for your hair can start your
day off right! So, if you want the fuller hair you have been dreaming for, give
these easy tricks a try. If you’re more than a little passionate about creating
signature hair styles, you might be perfect for a career in the exciting world
of cosmetology! For more information on how to turn your passion into a
rewarding way to earn a living, contact your local state licensing board for a
list of beauty schools near you.