Top Reasons Why Beauty School is Right for You

Top Reasons Why Beauty School is Right for You

Do you love all things beauty? Are you passionate about hair, makeup, skincare and nails? Do your friends come to you to help them look their best? If so, you really should consider going to a beauty school. Getting an education and license in Cosmetology can put you on the path to a career in the beauty industry. Here are the top reasons why a beauty school may be the best choice for you.

Start Your Career Sooner

If spending four years in a traditional college or university sounds like a long time, you’re right. It is. And that path is not for everyone. One of the beautiful things about beauty school is that most programs can be completed in 9 to 15 months, depending on whether you attend full or part-time, which means you’ll be in and out and on your way to a career sooner.

Learn a Variety of Skills

Have you ever wanted to know how your hairdresser did that fabulous updo or how to do dip nails that look amazing? When you attend a beauty school, you’ll learn all the tricks of the trade including hair styling, cutting, coloring and treatments, barbering, shaving, skin care, manicuring, make-up and more!

Gain Hands-On Experience

You won’t just be sitting at a desk listening to lectures. You’ll get the chance to work in a beauty clinic where you can practice all those cool skills you’re learning on real, live customers! You’ll gain confidence, advance your techniques, and learn all about customer relations skills and professionalism.

Choose from a Range of Career Options

Beauty professionals are always in demand, and there are ton of options for cosmetologists. You can work almost anywhere, in luxurious environments like beauty salons, spas, and resorts. Whether you want to be a hair color specialist, a nail technician, a makeup artist, or the owner of your own beauty business, beauty school will prepare you for the career of your dreams.

What could be more fun and satisfying than working with awesome people, helping your clients look and feel their best, and letting your creativity and personality shine through? Plus, at Shore Beauty School, our Cosmetology program is designed to be engaging, with activities like styling competitions, performance awards, and an annual themed charity hair show.

So now that you know all the reasons to attend a beauty school, it’s time to consider turning your passion for beauty into a career! Do what you love and love what you do. Shore Beauty School offers a comprehensive program in Cosmetology to put you on the path to a future in the beauty industry. Schedule a virtual tour today, contact us to learn more, or give us a call at (609) 645-3635.