summer hair style woman


Winter coats packed away – check. Flip-flops unpacked – check. New summer hairstyle – to be determined. Yes, summer is on the horizon and what better way to roll into our season of sweltering heat and humidity than with a summer hairstyle that is beyond cool but looks hot!

We’ve made the rounds and gathered up all the latest styles making a splash at pools and beaches everywhere this summer. Check out these hot summer hairs trends and get ready cause they are bringing the heat! 

Festival of micro proportions – Micro braids that is. A go-to style for music festival fans, the myriad of micro braids is oh so boho, yet practical at the same time. This playful style can be jazzed up with a simple colored ribbon wound into the braids framing your face. We love music festivals and we love this style!

Get off your high horse – Translation – no more sky-high ponytail. We’re dropping it low and keeping it classy with a sleek or textured low ponytail. Add an even more finished look by wrapping your hair around the elastic band.

Can I be blunt – Out with asymmetrical and layered bobs, we love the edgy simplicity of the one-length blunt cut. This style works particularly well if you have very fine hair. Make sure you add a touch of shine spray or a drop of oil to get that glossy look.

Catch a wave – Tousled beachy waves always seem to make their way to the style stage summer after summer. Long, short or in the middle length hair are all suitable for this easy look that can be touched up with a little dry shampoo and fingers through your hair. Low-maintenance is a summer necessity!

Less is more – More flirty, more sassy, more pixie! What could be cuter or cooler than the uber-short pixie cut? You can rock it short and choppy or shaped and sexy but either way, it’s a win and easily maintained with a touch of hair wax or serum.

Every bun is welcome – The tight top knot, the sky-high 60’s bun, the loosely gathered at the nape romantic bun, the sleek ballerina bun… are all welcome at this summer style table! Added bonus for any bun – keeps you cooler and your hair under control for any hot summer adventure.

Noncommittal –  Don’t wanna commit to a cut or color this summer, that’s ok! You can still get a whole new look by adding accessories. Clips, barrettes and all things 90’s hair are back and can be a fun focal point to your summer look without post color/cut remorse.

Whatever style you decide to roll with this summer, have some fun with it and don’t be afraid to mix things up and make it a summer to remember. If you’ve always loved trying out new styles and have a flair for creating signature looks, maybe a career in Cosmetology is right for you! Let’s face it, the world is filled with people who need that flair to find the look that works for them. If you’re ready to bring style to the masses, check out the local beauty schools in your area. For a list of schools in your area, contact your local state licensing board and get ready to join the talented artists blazing a trail in the exciting world of beauty.