Why Social Media is Key in the Beauty Industry

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Why Social Media is Key in the Beauty Industry

To understand the importance of social media in the beauty industry, or any industry for that matter, you must first understand the impact of technology itself. Think about it. How often do you witness people around you staring at their cell phone, tablet or laptop, no matter where you go? A recent Facebook report claims that 6 out of 10 beauty shoppers, when surveyed stated they, “could not live without their smartphone,” with 45% also saying their mobile device was quickly becoming their most important shopping tool. Clearly, today’s consumer is more tied to the digital world than ever before, which means the potential to engage consumers and influence their buying decisions is massive. Social media has unleashed the power to influence an audience you may never have had access to before and has become a valuable tool to growing your business for so many reasons. Not convinced? Keep reading and we think you’ll agree that the new normal in the beauty industry includes many different platforms to get the word out about whatever it is you’re selling!

  • The new word of mouth – Word of mouth used to mean just that. Your neighbor told you about the hair salon down the street and you told your sister, who told her neighbor. The “word of mouth” in social media is instantaneous and spreads like, well, a virus! Hence, a social media post going “viral”. Translation – full exposure fast!
  • Selfie-serving audience – Few things have impacted the beauty industry more than the widespread popularity of the “selfie.” Having to be selfie-ready at the drop of a hat has inspired an entire industry within the beauty industry and spawned new products, software and even more social media platforms that revolve around the instant gratification of putting you best face out there instantly.
  • Interactive influencers – It’s one thing to have social media platforms to promote a beauty product, technique or service. It’s a whole other influential machine when you strategically use those platforms to influence your audience. Call it persuasion at its finest, because social media followers of a brand, celebrity or product are loyal and can become a powerful customer base as a result of a carefully crafted campaign.
  • You CAN be everywhere at once – Before the rise of social media, businesses relied on traditional advertising and marketing method like tv, print and radio ads. Those are all still good options, but where else but social media can you reach a massive audience instantly over multiple marketing channels, many times at little or no cost? Omni-channel marketing can be highly effective and is in large part directly connected to social media.

Social media could be described as – “multiple platforms that promote the sharing of information and the ability to discover – products, services, ideas, opinions…” The key word – discover! You could probably list off a dozen beauty related things you discovered directly from a social media platform. Hair styles, make-up tips and techniques, beauty products and more. It’s a brave new digital world filled with ways to discover the next big trend in beauty right as they happen.

If you’re a fan of discovering all the latest styles and beauty industry trends, maybe you have a future in the world of beauty! The beauty industry is expanding into new territories and there’s room for everyone! Esthetics and wellness, cosmetology, nail and makeup artistry… There are so many career options to choose from. So, start your discovery today and check out the beauty school programs in your area. There are a ton of online resources to help you find the perfect path to your beautiful future, and you can also contact your local state licensing board for a list of schools in your area.