Beauty Tips When You’re Low on Sleep

sleepy woman

Let’s face it – a good night’s sleep is a beautiful thing. On the flip side, lack of sleep can sure mess with that beautiful thing known as your face! Yes, we can all agree that getting enough “beauty sleep,” is pretty important. But who really has time for that and running the world? Whether you crammed all night for a test, or your new baby is a sleepless, milk-crazed car alarm, you probably could use some help looking less like the walking dead the next morning. Since more sleep is definitely not an option, keep reading. We’ve got some beauty hacks that will have you looking like you took a dive in the fountain of youth on your way out the door!

Close the windows

If eyes are the windows to your soul, they can also be a dead giveaway you didn’t get enough z’s. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to brighten up your eyes without napping the day away. Dab a little eye cream around your upper and lower lids, followed by a bit of concealer. Choose a concealer that’s a touch lighter than your skin tone and you’re good to go!

Go bright or go home

Lining your bottom lid with a nude or white eyeliner is another great tip for brightening up your eyes. For an even brighter effect, use a super light eye shadow and dab the inside corner of your eye.

Glowing skin is always in

How do you pull off a well-rested, dewy glow when you’re just not well-rested? Highlighter! Tilt your head down and slowly tilt your head back up, highlighting any shadows you see on your face. Voila! The darkest areas of your face will shine with a dewy glow.

Brighter lips, brighter smile

Whether you’re rocking a classic red lip or a pretty pink pout, put some lipstick on and pull yourself together! Bright or bold lips become the focal point of your face and help distract from any other unrested attributes.

The next time that “just one episode” turns into an all-night Netflix marathon, don’t sweat it! You can still look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed with a few simple tricks. Want to learn how to beautify yourself and others like a pro? Maybe you should consider a career as a cosmetologist! Contact your local state licensing board for a list of schools and programs offered in your area. Start your own beautiful journey today!