How to Start a Beauty Blog


Are you a style enthusiast with tons of know-how, a passion for fashion and a love for sharing all things beauty? A great way to tap in to your inner beauty expert is to start your own beauty blog! If you already work in the beauty industry, a beauty blog is a great way to promote your business, drive product sales or just be creative. And yes, you can actually earn money in a variety of ways with a beauty blog. Not to mention possibly getting awesome free product samples to try! We’ve got some tips for you on how to get started.  

Find your focus

You have to find a way to stand out in the crowd. Think fresh and original! Start with your own beauty routine. What makes it unique? Go with what you know and grab your niche! If you are all about hair, go with it. If it’s fabulous nails that light you up, focus on that! The point is to dial in on a niche. Once you drum up some ideas, type them into a search engine and see what the competition is like.

What’s in a name?

In some cases – everything! Once you’ve decided on your blogging niche, create a catchy domain name that fits you. After all, it will be the cornerstone of your brand, so make sure it is something you can market across social media platforms.

Sign up for web hosting

There are a ton of web hosting services who offer cheap hosting and free domain names. Do some research on what’s available and what fits the vision for your blog.

Post it like you mean it!

Now that you have an actual blog space, it’s time to create some content. Keep it current, catchy and full of relevant info for your audience. Make sure your design and layout are in sync with your vision and start writing! Make sure to add visual elements like pictures and videos and share your posts via social media.


What could be better than making a living doing something you love? Whether it’s blogging or beautifying the masses, a passion for beauty can also be a successful career! Kickstart your career in beauty by contacting your local state licensing board for a list of programs and schools in your area.