Why a Barbering Career is Right for You

why a barbering career is right for you

If you’re outgoing, friendly, creative, and enjoy working with your hands, you may want to consider pursuing a career as a barber. There are lots of great reasons that a barbering career could be right for you, read on to find out more!

Gain Lifelong Skills

Barbering is a craft that you can learn and develop throughout your life. When you train to become a barber, you’ll learn skills like haircutting with scissors, clippers and razors, popular styles like fades and tapers, and shaving techniques. You’ll also learn business skills like customer relations, sales and marketing, and how to eventually run your own shop. As long as you practice and stay on top of the trends, you have the potential to succeed in the barbering industry.

Make a Good Living

As you gain experience and improve your craft, you may be able to grow your client list as word-of-mouth spreads. If you’re great at what you do, you could gain a loyal following who will return to you regularly for years to come and refer you to others. Someday, you may even be able to own your own barber shop.

Work Anywhere

Barbers can work with their skills anywhere. Whether you want to work in small town America, a big bustling city, on the East Coast, the West Coast, or anywhere in between, opportunities for barbering jobs are everywhere. Work where you want to live, and live the life you’ve dreamed about.

Let Your Personality Shine

Since barbers spend most of their time talking and listening to their clients, it helps to have an extroverted, confident, and fun personality. Let’s face it – people can go to many places to get their hair cut, but if they like you and enjoy being around you, they are more likely to come back. If you thrive around others and are good at making them look and feel better about themselves, barbering may be your ideal career.

Enjoy Flexible Hours

Most barbers don’t work a typical 9-to-5 Monday-through-Friday schedule. You may have the opportunity to set your own hours, but they will likely be when your clients are available, which means you may end up working evenings or weekends instead of a standard workday. Barbers often have a say in when they work, freedom that not all jobs offer. 

If you think that barbering sounds like the perfect career for you, Shore Beauty School can help you get there.  Check out our Barbering Program and get the hands-on skills and experience you need to potentially become a licensed and successful barber. To learn more, visit our website, schedule your virtual tour, or contact us today!

Why Barbering Will Always Be Around

barber giving a man a haircut

Why Barbering Will Always Be Around

Hair never stops growing… the craft of barbering historically seems to be time and recession-proof. While you may think the barber is old school and on the way out, the opposite is actually happening. It’s becoming more and more common in urban areas to see barber shops popping up with a whole new generation of younger clientele. If you’re wondering why, consider some of the reasons we think the world of barbering is here to stay!

  1. When your tools of the trade are so portable like clippers and shears, your career can send you just about anywhere. From working around your town to traveling with a sports team, nothing is off limits. When you’re a great barber, there can be work for you wherever you go. That’s never going to be out of style!
  2. In the military, a haircut is not optional – it’s a regulation that most serviceman must abide by. So, choosing to work on a base is one of the most reliable barber jobs you can have! Not only is it a great way to stay in business, it’s a chance to give back to service members in your own special way by making sure they always look sharp for inspection.
  3. When you can trust someone with your hair, you can trust them with anything. A lot of men and women go to the barbershop, not just for a great cut, but to talk to their barber about pretty much anything. Women aren’t the only ones who need to vent sometimes, men do too! But don’t worry, what’s said in the shop, stays in the shop.
  4. With the popularity of social media, it seems like there’s a new trend appearing every day. You’re going to need a good barber to help you keep up and get those perfect selfies!
  5. Barbering isn’t just a man’s game anymore. Women are making great contributions to the barbering trade. And they might just have the inside scoop on what ladies like. Call it women’s intuition but if we’re all in this together, it’s a trade that isn’t going anywhere.

As a barber, you’re an artist. Your shears are your paintbrush and your client – your canvas. Creating new looks and making clients feel great about themselves feels pretty great. And every man should have that go-to professional helping them look good from the top of the head to the tip of their beard! If this sounds like something you could wrap your clippers around, check out the barber programs in your local area. There are plenty of opportunities to go around so contact your local state licensing board to learn more about how you can shave and trim your way to a bright future!