Coolest Winter Hairstyle Trends

red head female showing off her hair

Ancient Greek philosopher and poet, Aristotle, said – “To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake, it is necessary to stand out in the cold.” Well, if you’re going to be out appreciating all that wintry beauty this year, why not make sure you look good doing it? After all, just like every snowflake is unique, so are you! And our coolest season is the perfect time to try out a hot new hairstyle! We’ve rounded up some of this year’s go-to looks that making more than snow melt!

It’s a crazy shade of winter – Contrary to the classic song, all the leaves are not brown, they’re all pretty much gone and a great way to inspire your winter is to bring some fall color with you! This season, one of the hottest color trends is all about burnished bronze, copper tones and rich, radical shades of red that don’t just pop, they explode!

Bang for your buck – There always seems to be a style for bangs that comes and goes with the season from the long-side swept bangs to sweet, baby bangs cut so short you’re not sure if it was a mistake or not. But this winter there’s something for everyone and if you got ‘em, (bangs, that is) – flaunt ‘em! Whether it’s the thick full forehead fringe, the choppy punkish vibe, or the side-swept long and lovely glam look – every set of bangs is welcome this season!

In betweeners – Uber curls or sleek, stick straight hair? If you have one, you typically want the other. But the subtle wave of choice this season, is somewhere in between and we love it! Long, shoulder length, lob or bob – a touch of wave adds a touch of romance and is far less time-consuming than taming an unruly mop of corkscrews into submission with a flat-iron or perking up ultra-straight hair into a mass of curls. If you don’t want to commit to one or the other, try somewhere in between.

Hat Hair –The “throw a hat on it,” seems a bit too predictable and kind of a copout, right? That is, until you see the too cute selection of hats keeping hair under control this winter. Try a simple, soft knitted beanie that allows your hair to frame your face and can be purchased in almost any color! Or a traditional, but oh so playful, knitted beanie with that adorable pom-pom on the top. There are even hats that are more headband than hat making a debut this winter. Some of them are even embellished with adorable rhinestone buttons to add a little pizazz to that combination head-warmer/head-turner you’re sporting.

Arctic Fox – What screams winter more than ice? Icy platinum that is. When the backdrop is a grey, wintry sky, ultra-blond will have you channeling your inner ice princess. Be sure to use a great toning shampoo and conditioner for this style to look perfectly platinum without looking like your hair is dried and fried!

Winter doesn’t have to be dreary and dreaded folks. It’s just one more opportunity mother nature gives us to express ourselves. So, get out there and don’t be afraid to be a different snowflake every day! If you’re a fan of expressing yourself by creating signature looks and then recreating them over and over – maybe, you should explore a career in cosmetology! To learn more about a career in cosmetology, check out some of the beauty schools in your area or contact your local state licensing board for a list of accredited schools. No matter what season it is, cosmetologists are out there making the rest of us look good and changing the world one hot hairstyle at a time!