New Year, New Goals

girl holding sparkler

A brand-new year is here and with it comes another 365-day opportunity to drive your future in a whole new direction. If you’ve been contemplating making this the year you turn your dream of a career in the exciting world of beauty into a reality – your timing is impeccable! Check out 5 reasons why now is the perfect time to start your journey to a beautiful future!

  1. The heart wants what it wants – In this case, it’s more like – most people consider their beauty regimen a necessity rather than a luxury. Even in times of economic hardship, the beauty industry stays strong. And according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BOL), jobs in the beauty industry are expected to grow at a faster than average pace through 2026, by as much as 13% for cosmetologists and barbers and 14% for skincare specialists. The numbers say it all – future job security, check!
  1. Alexa and Siri can’t do everything – Technology might be able to eliminate the need for that “human touch” in a lot of areas, but the beauty industry isn’t one of them. Let’s face it, this is an industry that relies on the skills and creativity of real-live people. Oh yeah, and the opportunities to explore your creative side? Pretty much unlimited!
  1. Fast track to your future – If you’re goal is to get your career started faster than the traditional 4-year university track, beauty school is a great option! Not only can most programs be completed in less than 2-years, the cost is far less than the traditional route.
  1. Skills you can take any were – Once you acquire the skills of your trade, you can literally take them anywhere! Opportunities to travel and work in different and maybe even exotic locations can be yours for the taking!
  1. I make my own rules – You may end up working for a salon or owner at some point but in many cases, you’ll get to decide on your schedule and set your own appointments. Having that flexibility can be a huge advantage!

Don’t let another year go by wishing you’d taken that first step in the direction of your dream job! To learn more about a career in the exciting world of beauty, contact your local state licensing board for a list of beauty schools and programs in your area. After all, the perfect time to start something is always right now.