Halloween Nail Art Trends 2018

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Halloween Nail Art Trends 2018:

It’s that time of the year where you get to explore all your inner demons… and all the other fun and freaky things that make Halloween such a spooktacular holiday. If you’re putting together your perfect ensemble for the big night, don’t forget to accessorize the costume on your fingertips as well. We’ve got some spooky but spectacular ideas to try out on your nails that will make this a Halloween to remember!

Halloween “corn”-ucopia – Who doesn’t love candy corn? To achieve a deliciously fun look, simply paint 3 candy corn colors, (orange, yellow and white or orange, yellow and brown) in 3 equal horizontal stripes across each nail.

Keep your eye on it – Or in this case, 10 creepy little eyes at the base of your cuticles. Paint a tiny white oval with a tiny black circle in the center and outline the circle in the color of your choice for a whole new view of things. If you want to make it a little more ghoulishly girly, paint some thin black lashes across the top of the “eyes”.

Chop chop – Channel your inner Gordon Ramsey of the undead by starting with clear, acrylic press-on nails and using silver metallic polish, paint a small butcher blade down the center and finish with a handle painted in black polish. To go even more creepy, carefully place a few drops of blood on each blade with a deep, red polish.

Make mine ombré – If you thought ombré was just for hair, you’d be wrong. This medley of gradient-like color is perfect for Halloween and can be the perfect finish to your look. Try meshing classic orange and black or different blood shades for an eerily awesome look!

Howl at the moon – Make a little magic this Halloween with 10 full moons! With a black polish base, use a cotton swab dipped in water to swirl grey polish into the moon shape of your choice – half-moon, crescent-moon or the standard full moon, or mix it up and try all three.

Ghosts of Halloween present – What would Halloween be without a little ghostly representation? To get this hauntingly hip look, paint your ghostly shape in white but stop above the cuticle for a floating feel. Paint some eyes and an open mouth with black polish and even give a few of your ghosts some tiny white fangs with a perfectly placed drop of blood to add even more horror to the spectral spectacle!

Whether you plan to make this Halloween “costume-free” or go all in and transform yourself into something unrecognizable, it’s all about expressing yourself – your way! And if you thrive on creating signature looks for your nails all year round, you might be a great candidate for a career in Nail Artistry. Nail technicians are a big part of the beauty industry and what a great way to explore your creative side! If you’d like to learn more about a career in the beauty industry, contact your local state licensing board for a list of beauty schools and programs in your area. Get in touch with your inner artist and check out what the exciting world of beauty has to offer for your future!