Top Reasons Why Beauty School is Right for You

Top Reasons Why Beauty School is Right for You

Do you love all things beauty? Are you passionate about hair, makeup, skincare and nails? Do your friends come to you to help them look their best? If so, you really should consider going to a beauty school. Getting an education and license in Cosmetology can put you on the path to a career in the beauty industry. Here are the top reasons why a beauty school may be the best choice for you.

Start Your Career Sooner

If spending four years in a traditional college or university sounds like a long time, you’re right. It is. And that path is not for everyone. One of the beautiful things about beauty school is that most programs can be completed in 9 to 15 months, depending on whether you attend full or part-time, which means you’ll be in and out and on your way to a career sooner.

Learn a Variety of Skills

Have you ever wanted to know how your hairdresser did that fabulous updo or how to do dip nails that look amazing? When you attend a beauty school, you’ll learn all the tricks of the trade including hair styling, cutting, coloring and treatments, barbering, shaving, skin care, manicuring, make-up and more!

Gain Hands-On Experience

You won’t just be sitting at a desk listening to lectures. You’ll get the chance to work in a beauty clinic where you can practice all those cool skills you’re learning on real, live customers! You’ll gain confidence, advance your techniques, and learn all about customer relations skills and professionalism.

Choose from a Range of Career Options

Beauty professionals are always in demand, and there are ton of options for cosmetologists. You can work almost anywhere, in luxurious environments like beauty salons, spas, and resorts. Whether you want to be a hair color specialist, a nail technician, a makeup artist, or the owner of your own beauty business, beauty school will prepare you for the career of your dreams.


What could be more fun and satisfying than working with awesome people, helping your clients look and feel their best, and letting your creativity and personality shine through? Plus, at Shore Beauty School, our Cosmetology program is designed to be engaging, with activities like styling competitions, performance awards, and an annual themed charity hair show.

So now that you know all the reasons to attend a beauty school, it’s time to consider turning your passion for beauty into a career! Do what you love and love what you do. Shore Beauty School offers a comprehensive program in Cosmetology to put you on the path to a future in the beauty industry. Schedule a virtual tour today, contact us to learn more, or give us a call at (609) 645-3635.

Latest Beauty Trends for Fall

beauty trends for fall

Who’s excited for fall? It’s time for pumpkin spice lattes, sweater weather, and a fresh new look. It’s time to go back to school or the office and make a fabulous impression. It’s time to get out your makeup, check out the latest beauty trends for fall, and put your best face forward. Here are some of the hottest new looks for fall; find your favorite!

Kitten Liner

Everyone is familiar with the “cat eye” technique that has dominated for the last few years, but it’s a bold look that requires a steady hand. Today’s kitten liner is more subtle and forgiving. This cleaner, daintier version of the classic cat eye is easy to achieve. Start your line at the center of the eye instead of the inner corner, and then use short, thin strokes along the lash line. Finish with a little flick at the end to create a tiny, subtle wing.

Lush Lips

Our mouths have been hidden under masks for a while, so when it is safe to show off your smile, be sure to play up those lips. Lipstick is back and better than ever! Consider a bold, classic red or a deep berry hue, perfect for fall. And while matte color is here to stay, super glossy looks are also making a shiny comeback.

Soap Brows

Natural, full, fluffy brows are in. Over-tweezed, barely-there brows are out. To make the most of your natural brows, try the Instagram favorite “soap brow” technique. Basically, brows are back-combed, fluffed, and styled with a damp spoolie brush, and then a touch of glycerin-based soap is applied to keep the style in place instead of eyebrow gel. A number of makeup artists prefer soap to gel because of its strong hold, simplicity, and affordability.

Jewel-toned Eyes

Make your eyes really pop with rich, jewel-toned shadows and liners in colors like sapphire, emerald, amethyst or burgundy. Keep the rest of your makeup neutral and subtle, and all eyes will be on you.

No-Makeup Makeup

Finally, the no-makeup makeup look continues to be on-trend. Show up to your next meeting or social gathering looking radiant and natural, and leave them wondering. Use a moisture balm to create a subtle glow, a touch of neutral eyeshadow, a hint of cream blush, and brush those brows.

If you love learning about skincare and all things beauty, consider turning your passion into a career! Shore Beauty School offers programs in Cosmetology and Skin Care Specialty which can put you on the path to a beautiful future. Schedule a virtual tour today, contact us to learn more, or give us a call at (609) 645-3635.

Great Career Choices if You Want to Be a Makeup Artist

career choices for makeup artistry

Do you have a passion for doing makeup? Would you like to make a career out of it? Fortunately, there are a number of great careers for talented makeup artists including helping brides and bridal parties look picture-perfect on that special day, working in film or theater, or representing a popular beauty brand. Whatever career path you’re interested in taking, Shore Beauty School can help you get there.

Salon or Spa Makeup Artist

Doing your make-up magic in the setting of an all-inclusive salon or spa can provide you with a regular schedule and paycheck, and give you the opportunity to apply make-up on a wide variety of people. You can also help people for many different types of occasions, whether helping a girl look beautiful for her first prom, or doing a make-over on someone who is starting a new chapter in their life, or bride-to-be makeup.

Retail/Brand Makeup Artist

Many great careers in make-up artistry require that you have an aptitude for sales to show off specific products or brands, whether in a mall, salon, or even directly in people’s homes. Retail make-up artists perform makeovers and teach consumers how to use makeup to help them look their best. This position requires detailed knowledge about the products you will sell, as well as a friendly, confident demeanor and the ability to teach effective make-up techniques.

Bridal Makeup Artist

If you love the idea of working with blushing brides and specializing in wedding make-up, becoming a bridal makeup artist might be perfect for you. You’ll likely do most of your work over the weekends or non-traditional hours, but once you build a portfolio of your work and start to market yourself, the wedding industry can be very rewarding. If you have talent, brides will recommend you to other brides and your business may soon take off.

Film or Theater Makeup

Do you have a theatrical flair? Maybe you should consider doing make-up for TV, theater, movies and more. Theatrical makeup tends to be more exaggerated, so people can see faces from the back row, and may also be used to create specific characters. With this career path you can let your creative flair take shape by making people look older, adding scars, using protheses, and more. Special effects makeup (SFX) takes this even farther, turning people into animals, monsters, or fantasy/sci-fi characters.

Beauty Writer/Blogger/Influencer

If, in addition to your makeup talents, you are gifted at writing, photography, or making videos, you could pursue a career as a beauty writer, blogger, or influencer. These positions give you the opportunity to write posts or articles, test and review beauty products, demonstrate makeup techniques, and share your knowledge with others. While it may take time to grow an audience, eventually you may attract the attention of advertisers, sponsors and interested beauty brands.

Do any of these exciting beauty careers appeal to you? If so, Shore Beauty School can help provide the training you need to become a professional makeup artist. Check out our Cosmetology or Skin Care Specialty Program to provide you with hands-on instruction to prepare you for a beautiful career. For more information, contact us today or give us a call at (609) 645-3635.

Tips to Help You Build Your Client List

Tips to help you build your client list

Whether you’re working in a salon, or sharing your beauty skills on a freelance basis, it’s important for beauty professionals like you to work on building your client list and your book of business so you can have a profitable and rewarding career. When you are just starting out, it can be challenging to grow your reputation and have clients lining up for your services. Here are a few tips to help you become a stylist that’s constantly in high demand.

Focus on Your Customer’s Experience

Ensuring a positive customer experience is the most important thing you can do to keep customers coming back and referring you to others. Even if you are amazing at cutting and coloring hair, if your customers feel neglected, ignored or unimportant, they probably won’t return. Be professional, friendly and respectful, keep your appearance and booth clean and neat, communicate clearly every step of the way so clients know what to expect, and most important, listen to their needs. Also, while you should feel free to recommend products that you think would help them, don’t focus on pushing your customers into the product specific buys.

Offer a Rewards Program

Let all your clients know that you are new and building your business, and offer them some sort of rewards program. You can give someone a discount if they refer you to family or friends, or use a punch card to give someone a special offer after a certain number of services with you. This is a great way to get new people coming in and keep them coming back.

Create a Portfolio

A portfolio is the perfect way to show off your skills and let potential clients, and prospective employers, see how talented you are. When you are finished doing a great cut, color or style for a client, ask permission to take photos for your portfolio. They will likely be flattered! You can keep these in an album at your station to display, share on social media or create an online portfolio that you can share and actively promote.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Some stylists use social media tools like Instagram to serve as their portfolios, regularly posting photos to build an online following to drive new business. You can also post pics on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels, as well as posting special offers, your rewards program, salon promotions, shareworthy reviews, and to highlight special skills or markets, for example updos and wedding styles. Encourage current clients to follow you on social media, frequently post on a regular basis, and soon, everyone will be telling their friends about you.

If you dream about having a career as a hair stylist or other beauty professional, Shore Beauty School can help you realize your dreams. Check out our Cosmetology & Hairstyling Program to provide you with the hands-on training and skills that you need to prepare you for your future. To learn more, visit our website, schedule your virtual tour, or contact us today!

New Year – Is it Time for A New Career?

is it time for a new career ?

Is it time for a new career in the new year? As the new year approaches, it’s the perfect time to reflect on where you’ve been, how you liked it, and where you go from there. If you’re pondering a whole new career in 2020, this could be the year where your dreams become a reality! To get from here to there, you should start by asking yourself some important questions.

What do I want to be when I grow up 

Figuring out what kind of career will take you to your happy place is a big decision. So, before you answer quickly and say cowboy or pastry chef, (without remembering you’re allergic to horses and oh yeah, wheat) you may want to carefully consider your response. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of any career you’re thinking of pursuing. Be realistic about whether you see yourself doing that particular job on a daily basis.

Where do I want to be 

Were you raised in the country but LOVE the hustle and bustle of a noisy city? Or were you raised in an urban jungle and long for the charm of a small town? Let’s face it, figuring out where you want to live is as important as figuring out what you want to do.

What type of work environment is right for me 

Are you a people person who loves to chat up everyone around you or do you prefer to work in quiet solitude? You can imagine there are careers where being the outgoing, gregarious type is a plus. But then again, if you dream of becoming a librarian surrounded by books and literature, being over-talkative might not be beneficial. Identifying the right work environment is pretty important considering you will be spending a lot of time in it.

What’s your number  

Meaning, the number of dollars you need not just to live, but to pay for your dream career. Money cannot buy happiness, but not having the finances to enjoy your life can certainly contribute to unhappiness. So yes, you have to consider your potential earnings and the financial investment you’ll need to make.  Putting the right financial formula in place can help you be prepared for the journey that lies ahead.

 A new year is the beginning of a 365-page book, where you get to decide how the story goes. So, get busy and start writing some chapters of your own! If part of your story includes a passion for the beauty industry, maybe your path to a new career starts at Shore Beauty School! The beauty industry is on the rise and expected to continue to grow by as much as 8% by 2028, adding 63,900 jobs annually, according the Bureau of Labor Statistics*! To learn more about the career options in the world of beauty, contact Shore Beauty School today or book your tour of our campus. Make 2020 your year to start your new career!


Hot Fall Hair Trends

young woman outside hot fall hair

Cooler temperatures, blazing color all around us – yes, Autumn is almost here and it’s time to talk about the hot fall hair trends. Trying to keep your hair game strong? Check out some of the fun, funky, and fabulous options this season has to offer.

Please crimp my style

The good old crimping iron has made a comeback! We love it! Long, crimped locks are showing up on runways and red carpets everywhere.

Head gear

Headbands and scarves of all kind are a total go-to this fall and are the perfect accessory to add some warmth to your look. Let’s face it. The colors and options are endless!

Caramel latte

It’s not just for coffee anymore. This fall is bringing a deliciously warm caramel hair color to the heads of celebs and fashionistas everywhere.

Barrettes & bows

Both classic accessories add a feminine flair to a look. A long, loose ponytail tied with a long, black velvet bow lends an ultra-elegant feel. If you prefer an edgier vibe, multiple chunky barrettes can make the right statement.

Plumped up pixies

The cute pixie-cut makes a bigger impact when you turn up the volume a little. Adding some texture to this style is easy and we love the result!

Braids in all forms

 A fishtail braid, braid on each side of your face, French braid down the middle of your back, braided bun, or braids twisted into a crown are all hot for this fall. We still love all things braids! Why not? The options are endless!

Sleek and slick

The slicked back, sleek look is still center stage this season and can be paired with an equally slick ponytail or loose waves.

Ballerina bun

Buns are like braids in that the options are plentiful. This season’s bun of choice is the neatly put together ballerina bun. For a more feminine touch, accessorize with a jeweled clip or a flower or two.

With so many options, how is a fashion forward fan of style to choose? The good news is that this year’s hot fall hairstyles are pretty user friendly. Why not try them all? If experimenting with style is something you get excited about, you might be the perfect fit for a career in the beauty industry! Check out the beauty schools and programs offered in your area by contacting your local state licensing board. After all, getting paid to do something you love – what’s not to love?

5 Back to School Beauty Trends


With summer winding down and a whole new school year ahead, you may be considering what look you’re going to rock, not only on the first day back to school, but all year long. Nailing it early on can set the stage for an epic year! You’re going to want to get this right. If you need a little inspiration, look no further than these five back to school beauty trends.

1. What goes with everything?

That would be nude makeup. You’re already rocking fabulous hair, the perfect outfit and nails to die for. Accentuating your natural glow with an oh so neutral color palette is the perfect accessory!

2. Get to browsing

Meaning accent those brows like a boss! It’s easy with a little colored eye shadow above your eyes and brushed over your brows. If you’re complexion is medium to dark, try using rich magenta shades for a look that packs a punch. Those with paler skin can try earthy reds or peach tones.

3. Get primed

It’s not just for super models, actresses or your older sister. Primer rules! Why wouldn’t you want your makeup to look as fresh at 4 pm as it did when you left the house? Start your day and your makeup routine with a good primer as your base. You’ll be especially glad you did when you still look on point after a log day.

4. Let your eyes do the talking

Ridiculously long eyelashes are always trending. So, don’t forget to sweep those lovely lashes with a good, smudge-proof mascara. If you’re feeling really glam, throw on some fake eyelashes!

5. Highlight your best features

It seems like the world is obsessed with highlighter and with good reason! Rock this trend with a shimmery dusting of highlighter on your cheeks and the outside corners of your brows. You’ll be radiating a glow that says I brought summer with me!

Make this year unforgettable by having a little fun with your look! After all, this – is your time. And if creating fun and fabulous looks is more than just a first day of school thing, you may want to consider a career in cosmetology! If you’d like to learn more about a career that puts the power of transformation in your own two hands, contact your local state licensing board for a list of beauty schools near you.

Top 5 Summer Makeup Tips

Summer makeup tips with two ladies on the beach

Is there anything worse than a great tan accompanied by makeup melting off your face on a hot summer day? Yes, summer brings out the cute sandals, sundresses, and beach hair we love, but the heat and humidity is not so great for your makeup. You can beat summer at its own game with a few simple tips and turn your summer face from a hot mess to cool and fresh! 

 1  Make moisturizer do some multi-tasking

Moisturizing is important no matter what season it is. But in the steamy summer months, choose a lighter, oil-free moisturizer and mix it with a good primer to keep your makeup fresher longer.

 2  Build a lighter foundation

 Instead of using a heavy foundation, opt for a lighter version and choose one with UV protection of at least SPF 30 to avoid having to apply yet another layer on your face.

3  Water proof it

Combat raccoon eyes without giving up that dip in the pool by using waterproof mascara in the summer. Be sure to use a cotton swab to clean up any smudges during application since it’s harder to get off than regular mascara. 

 4  Bronzer over blush

For a summery glow, trade out your blush for bronzer applying it to the areas on your face where the sun lands.

 5  Set it and forget it

Primer isn’t your only weapon for keeping your look fresh for the long haul. Finish your makeup off with a spritz of setting spray and you’ll have the ultimate staying power.


Get the most out of your summer with a face that’s fresh and ready for anything! If you’re a fan of all things beauty and skincare, maybe a future in the beauty industry is right for you! For more information on careers in the world of beauty, contact your local state licensing board for a list of beauty schools and programs in your area.  

Top Summer Nail Styles

Classic red nails, sunshine yellow nails, metallic nails hot girl summer

What is it about rising temperatures that seems to inspire a desire to change up our look? Whether it’s the long sunny days, pool parties, or just a love of all things hot – summer is the perfect time to try out a hot new look for your nails. Check out the fun and funky styles heating things up this summer.

Classic red

Bold, classic red never seems to go out of style, not for lips and certainly not for nails.

Sunshine yellow

 In a nod to the golden orb making summer, well – summer; bright and sunny yellow is this summer’s go-to color.


This summer’s nails are taking on new, but not so new shapes. There’s a style for every length with the classic almond, pointy stiletto, and square-oval.

Clear press-ons

We can see right through this style literally! Following on the heels of the jelly or PVC nails of last summer, these clear press-on nails are super user-friendly when it comes to application.

Put it in a frame

We love this versatile, two-tone style that is literally created by painting a thin frame around the perimeter of your nail and filling it in with no color or a different color.

Metallic magic

Metallic shades in silver, rose gold, and metallic blue have been popular for a while and show no signs of going anywhere any time soon.


With so many great looks to choose from, don’t choose! Try them all and make this summer one where your hands do the talking. And if you have a passion for creating nail styles that make a statement, you should turn that passion into a career! For more information about careers in the exciting world of beauty, contact your local state licensing board for a list of schools in your area.  

Skin Care Tips for Warm Weather

warmer wather dresses
Let’s face it – we all want gorgeous, radiant skin. In the summer, we want it even more. Summer heat and humidity creates challenges that can make it harder to get healthy, glowing summer skin. Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do to keep your skin looking and feeling great whether it’s 9 degrees or 90!
  1. Protection for your reflection
  2. Let’s start with the most important skincare tip that applies in any weather. Sunscreen is your #1 priority. Use a SPF 30 sunscreen every day, no matter what the temperature is. If you’re in the direct sun for extended periods, reapply it often. Harmful UV rays are harmful regardless of the weather.

  3. It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity
  4. How many times have you heard someone say that? When it comes to your skin, humid weather requires a different response, especially if your skin is oily. Cleanse your face regularly with a gentle cleanser and toner to avoid clogged pores and breakouts. You can also use a glycolic pad to eliminate excess oil and keep your face looking fresh.

  5. Hydrate inside and out
  6. Dry heat can cause your skin to get red, flaky and dull. Trade your normal moisturizer for a richer, heavier moisturizing cream to give your skin that boost of hydration it’s missing. Since our bodies are mostly water and skin is our largest organ, hydrate it from the inside too! Drinking tons of water will not only help you keep your skin radiant-looking, it will keep your whole body healthier.

  7. Just scraping the surface
  8. Exfoliating your skin regularly helps remove dead, dull skin cells and can help prevent breakouts by unclogging your pores. Make sure you apply a good moisturizer and be diligent about sunscreen after exfoliating. Your skin will be more sensitive will need extra protection.

    Get the most out of your summer and do it with healthy, glowing skin. If you’ve got a passion skincare, you might want to consider turning that passion into a career! If you’d like to learn more about a career helping people look and feel their best, contact your local state licensing board for a list of schools in your area.