5 Back to School Beauty Trends


With summer winding down and a whole new school year ahead, you may be considering what look you’re going to rock, not only on the first day back to school, but all year long. Nailing it early on can set the stage for an epic year! You’re going to want to get this right. If you need a little inspiration, look no further than these five back to school beauty trends.

1. What goes with everything?

That would be nude makeup. You’re already rocking fabulous hair, the perfect outfit and nails to die for. Accentuating your natural glow with an oh so neutral color palette is the perfect accessory!

2. Get to browsing

Meaning accent those brows like a boss! It’s easy with a little colored eye shadow above your eyes and brushed over your brows. If you’re complexion is medium to dark, try using rich magenta shades for a look that packs a punch. Those with paler skin can try earthy reds or peach tones.

3. Get primed

It’s not just for super models, actresses or your older sister. Primer rules! Why wouldn’t you want your makeup to look as fresh at 4 pm as it did when you left the house? Start your day and your makeup routine with a good primer as your base. You’ll be especially glad you did when you still look on point after a log day.

4. Let your eyes do the talking

Ridiculously long eyelashes are always trending. So, don’t forget to sweep those lovely lashes with a good, smudge-proof mascara. If you’re feeling really glam, throw on some fake eyelashes!

5. Highlight your best features

It seems like the world is obsessed with highlighter and with good reason! Rock this trend with a shimmery dusting of highlighter on your cheeks and the outside corners of your brows. You’ll be radiating a glow that says I brought summer with me!

Make this year unforgettable by having a little fun with your look! After all, this – is your time. And if creating fun and fabulous looks is more than just a first day of school thing, you may want to consider a career in cosmetology! If you’d like to learn more about a career that puts the power of transformation in your own two hands, contact your local state licensing board for a list of beauty schools near you.

Top 5 Summer Makeup Tips

Summer makeup tips with two ladies on the beach

Is there anything worse than a great tan accompanied by makeup melting off your face on a hot summer day? Yes, summer brings out the cute sandals, sundresses, and beach hair we love, but the heat and humidity is not so great for your makeup. You can beat summer at its own game with a few simple tips and turn your summer face from a hot mess to cool and fresh! 

 1  Make moisturizer do some multi-tasking

Moisturizing is important no matter what season it is. But in the steamy summer months, choose a lighter, oil-free moisturizer and mix it with a good primer to keep your makeup fresher longer.

 2  Build a lighter foundation

 Instead of using a heavy foundation, opt for a lighter version and choose one with UV protection of at least SPF 30 to avoid having to apply yet another layer on your face.

3  Water proof it

Combat raccoon eyes without giving up that dip in the pool by using waterproof mascara in the summer. Be sure to use a cotton swab to clean up any smudges during application since it’s harder to get off than regular mascara. 

 4  Bronzer over blush

For a summery glow, trade out your blush for bronzer applying it to the areas on your face where the sun lands.

 5  Set it and forget it

Primer isn’t your only weapon for keeping your look fresh for the long haul. Finish your makeup off with a spritz of setting spray and you’ll have the ultimate staying power.


Get the most out of your summer with a face that’s fresh and ready for anything! If you’re a fan of all things beauty and skincare, maybe a future in the beauty industry is right for you! For more information on careers in the world of beauty, contact your local state licensing board for a list of beauty schools and programs in your area.  

Valentine’s Day Looks

valentines day banner

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, finding a perfectly, crush-worthy look – is probably ranking #1 on to-do lists everywhere. After all, whether you’re prepping for a night on the town, or a laid-back Netflix night – why not look stunning? We thought we’d get the love-fest started by sharing some of the hottest V-Day looks making hearts throb this year!

Riding romantic waves – Nothing screams romance more than tousled, side-swept waves. And it’s not a hard look to pull off if you have some natural wave to your hair. Blow-dry with a large round brush after applying a bit of volume spray, sweeping it to the side. Make some waves in super-straight hair with the help of a curling iron and a spritz of hair spray.

Extra-smoky eye – Let’s face it, if you’re going to be gazing into your sweetie’s eyes – make sure yours are popping! The smoldering smoky eye is classic and also current. Apply black eyeliner to your top and bottom lid, followed by a blend of shadows that pair well with your eye color. Green eyes look gorgeous with gray/plum, brown eyes with blue/gray, and blue eyes pop with gold/copper shadow blends.

Racy red lips – It’s never cliché to sport the reddest of red lips – no matter what the occasion is. But somehow it feels especially right on V-Day. Whether you choose glossy and shimmering or a bold matte – you simply can’t go wrong with red.

Silky and sleek – Not to be outdone by romantic waves, straight, sleekly styled hair is glamorous accessory to any V-Day look. Use a good heat spray to protect your hair and blow dry in sections with a round brush. Finish with a once over from your trusty flat-iron for a super-smooth finish.

Romantically braided bun – A loosely piled up-do is a great addition to the perfect LBD. But weave in some braids to your bun and get ready to channel your inner medieval princess.

Get the most out of your V-Day experience by having some fun with your look. And if you’re more than a little passionate about creating signature styles all year round, you should check out the cosmetology programs in your area! After all, wouldn’t it be great to do something you love for a living? Contact your local state licensing board today for a list of beauty schools near you.

Halloween Nail Art Trends 2018

halloween logo

Halloween Nail Art Trends 2018:

It’s that time of the year where you get to explore all your inner demons… and all the other fun and freaky things that make Halloween such a spooktacular holiday. If you’re putting together your perfect ensemble for the big night, don’t forget to accessorize the costume on your fingertips as well. We’ve got some spooky but spectacular ideas to try out on your nails that will make this a Halloween to remember!

Halloween “corn”-ucopia – Who doesn’t love candy corn? To achieve a deliciously fun look, simply paint 3 candy corn colors, (orange, yellow and white or orange, yellow and brown) in 3 equal horizontal stripes across each nail.

Keep your eye on it – Or in this case, 10 creepy little eyes at the base of your cuticles. Paint a tiny white oval with a tiny black circle in the center and outline the circle in the color of your choice for a whole new view of things. If you want to make it a little more ghoulishly girly, paint some thin black lashes across the top of the “eyes”.

Chop chop – Channel your inner Gordon Ramsey of the undead by starting with clear, acrylic press-on nails and using silver metallic polish, paint a small butcher blade down the center and finish with a handle painted in black polish. To go even more creepy, carefully place a few drops of blood on each blade with a deep, red polish.

Make mine ombré – If you thought ombré was just for hair, you’d be wrong. This medley of gradient-like color is perfect for Halloween and can be the perfect finish to your look. Try meshing classic orange and black or different blood shades for an eerily awesome look!

Howl at the moon – Make a little magic this Halloween with 10 full moons! With a black polish base, use a cotton swab dipped in water to swirl grey polish into the moon shape of your choice – half-moon, crescent-moon or the standard full moon, or mix it up and try all three.

Ghosts of Halloween present – What would Halloween be without a little ghostly representation? To get this hauntingly hip look, paint your ghostly shape in white but stop above the cuticle for a floating feel. Paint some eyes and an open mouth with black polish and even give a few of your ghosts some tiny white fangs with a perfectly placed drop of blood to add even more horror to the spectral spectacle!

Whether you plan to make this Halloween “costume-free” or go all in and transform yourself into something unrecognizable, it’s all about expressing yourself – your way! And if you thrive on creating signature looks for your nails all year round, you might be a great candidate for a career in Nail Artistry. Nail technicians are a big part of the beauty industry and what a great way to explore your creative side! If you’d like to learn more about a career in the beauty industry, contact your local state licensing board for a list of beauty schools and programs in your area. Get in touch with your inner artist and check out what the exciting world of beauty has to offer for your future!

Fall Makeup Trends 2018

attractive woman staring into the camera

Fall Makeup Trends 2018

Changing your style as the season changes makes sense when you think about it. We’re not talking about the practical changes like swapping flip-flops for snow boots, or a bikini for a winter coat. But as the leaves change from vibrant green into orange, gold and fiery-red fall foliage; changing the face you face Fall with, seems quite appropriate! So, if you’re looking for inspiration as the weather starts to cool down, check out some of the makeup trends keeping things hot this season!

Orange you glad it’s back?  And brown and shades in between – the 90’s lip that looks gorgeous is back! And we love it! Don’t forego the lip liner to max out this Fall flashback.

Make mine super-lashed – No more – clumpy, sprigs of highly defined mascara. We want long, lush lashes that practically reach the sky! So, get out your eyelash curlers or your false eyelashes and plump up the volume. Lash serums can also help you achieve luscious lashes too, so don’t be afraid to lash out!

Think pink and also red – It is, after all, the season where color seems to explode all around you! Why choose between these two color-queens of the runway when you can have both!  Blending shades of fuchsia pink and scarlet red shadow above your eyelids is bold and beautiful!

Ever the smoky eye – Can you remember a time when the smoky eye was not in? Whether you prefer to rock a smoky brown, grey or black, this iconic look is like that of the classic bright red lips – always hot and makes a bold statement.

Meet me halfway – Meaning, halfway around the eyes with black liner. The fully-lined look can make eyes look smaller and lining only to the halfway point with black liner and finishing with a pale opalescent liner will make your eyes pop like never before!

I guess that’s why they call it the blues – Except, we’re not blue at all about the return of cobalt to bright blue to Autumn eyes everywhere! You can minimize the overly retro-80’s look by applying a bit more, subtle line and blending it slightly with your black liner.

Embrace the changing of the season by trying out a new style that makes this Fall unforgettable! There are no wrong choices, so have some fun with it and watch heads turn. For fans of creating signature styles that change with the season or just with your mood, consider turning your passion into more than a hobby with a career in cosmetology or makeup artistry. The beauty industry has so many opportunities to explore that could put you on the path to doing something you love for a living. What could be better than that? For more information about beauty schools and training programs in your area, contact your local state licensing board for a list of accredited schools. Get inspired by all the beautiful things that could be a part of your future working in the exciting world of beauty! The new word of mouth – Word of mouth used to mean just that. Your neighbor told you about the hair salon down the street and you told your sister, who told her neighbor. The “word of mouth” in social media is instantaneous and spreads like, well, a virus! Hence, a social media post going “viral”. Translation – full exposure fast!

  • Selfie-serving audience – Few things have impacted the beauty industry more than the widespread popularity of the “selfie.” Having to be selfie-ready at the drop of a hat has inspired an entire industry within the beauty industry and spawned new products, software and even more social media platforms that revolve around the instant gratification of putting you best face out there instantly.
  • Interactive influencers – It’s one thing to have social media platforms to promote a beauty product, technique or service. It’s a whole other influential machine when you strategically use those platforms to influence your audience. Call it persuasion at its finest, because social media followers of a brand, celebrity or product are loyal and can become a powerful customer base as a result of a carefully crafted campaign.
  • You CAN be everywhere at once – Before the rise of social media, businesses relied on traditional advertising and marketing method like tv, print and radio ads. Those are all still good options, but where else but social media can you reach a massive audience instantly over multiple marketing channels, many times at little or no cost? Omni-channel marketing can be highly effective and is in large part directly connected to social media.

Social media could be described as – “multiple platforms that promote the sharing of information and the ability to discover – products, services, ideas, opinions…” The key word – discover! You could probably list off a dozen beauty related things you discovered directly from a social media platform. Hair styles, make-up tips and techniques, beauty products and more. It’s a brave new digital world filled with ways to discover the next big trend in beauty right as they happen.

If you’re a fan of discovering all the latest styles and beauty industry trends, maybe you have a future in the world of beauty! The beauty industry is expanding into new territories and there’s room for everyone! Esthetics and wellness, cosmetology, nail and makeup artistry… There are so many career options to choose from. So, start your discovery today and check out the beauty school programs in your area. There are a ton of online resources to help you find the perfect path to your beautiful future, and you can also contact your local state licensing board for a list of schools in your area.

Coolest Makeup Trends Heating up this Summer

woman looking cool

Coolest Makeup Trends Heating up this Summer

Makeup is not a mask. Makeup is art, passion, and expression of your independent spirit! This summer, why not express your passion for gorgeous looking makeup, by trying out a hot new look? Get ready to make an explosive statement with some of the coolest looks heating up this summer season.

Nice & Natural – Sticking with a simple and more natural look is the perfect trend and will give your skin a much-needed rest from heavy makeup. You can keep it light and natural, but still achieve a sun kissed glow, by adding a bit of bronzer to your cheek bones.

Sunny Daze – Show off your beach-bunny side with popping pink, blue, and orange eye shadow and liner. Mix and match! Keep if fun and find the perfect shade (or shades) to ring in this season with a brightly colored bang!

Boldly Go – Going out on the town this summer? Embolden any look with a bold lip color. Out of the ordinary colors like bright glossy purple become extraordinary when you blend them with a lavender tone. Give yourself sunset worthy kissable lips by blending bright pink with a softer, peachy orange.

Cat Eyes– If you’re a fan of the sassy cat eye look, but can’t seem to get your lines just right, this look is perfect for you. A reinvented cat eye involves zero liquid-liner mess, and lots of bronze eyeshadow. Start with a lighter shade and sweep it on your lids up to the crease. Next, apply a darker shade on top of it, stopping at just above the crease. Using an angled brush, apply a dark brown or black shadow on the outer corner of your eye, in a sideways “v” shape. Continue to fill in the “v” with the dark shadow, making sure to blend. Extended the top of the “v” slightly, going towards the center of your eye. Blend away any sharp lines and you’ve achieved the perfect cat eye.

Brows Before Bros- Eyebrow shaping is a definite must this season. There are a few different ways you can achieve the perfect brow. Most salons can do shaping and tinting for you, but you can freehand it yourself by outlining the shape and thickness you want with an eyebrow pencil. Use a shadow or filler that’s a shade darker than your natural color to shade inside your outline. Last, use concealer to blend around the brow to make them more defined.

Starry Night – Lest we forget those beautiful summer nights. Bonfires on the beach and date nights under the stars – are the perfect time to pull out a trendy new look. Tiny, colorful star-shaped appliques are the perfect nod to the summer starlit sky. Apply to the upper outside corner of your eyebrow, or the corner of your mouth. Or if you want more shimmer in your summer, apply one or many with a trail of glitter under your eye or high on your cheekbone.

Have fun with your style this summer and don’t be afraid to try all the fun, trendy styles out there! And if you want to take your love of creating cool new looks to the next level, maybe you should consider a career in the beauty industry! Programs in cosmetology, nail and makeup artistry and esthetics, are helping students to become part of the talented pool of beauty professionals out there creating signature looks and styles for a living. If you’d like to learn more about a career in the world of beauty, contact your state licensing board for a list of schools in your area.

Summer Proof Your Hair

woman with beach clothes on


Pool parties, warm sunshine and sand at the beach are some of the best things about summer. Unfortunately, those same things we love about summer can do a real number on our hair in a season that is all about getting out and about, socializing and enjoying all the things summer has to offer. Don’t sweat it fans of 80° and above! We’ve got some great tips to help you summer-proof your hair to keep you looking hotter than the summer sun itself!

Give it a rest – From shampoos containing moisture robbing sulfates. Enjoying the pool and the beach + chlorine and salt water = washing your hair more often than usual. Using sulfate-free shampoo will help keep moisture in and is less stressful on your hair.

Speaking of moisture – Use a leave-in conditioner to keep your hair nourished and static-free.

What’s the magic word – Sunscreen, of course! Just like your skin needs protection from harmful UV rays, so does your hair. Not to mention your scalp. Be sure to apply a good quality sunscreen to your scalp to avoid a sunburn followed by an itchy and flaky mess!

Keep it real – Meaning, work with the natural texture of your hair in the summer. Instead of forcing it into submission with a flat iron or blow dryer, try a light texture spray for beachy waves that are summer friendly and low-maintenance.

Containment is key – Keep it together with a bouncy pony tail or braid held together with a soft elastic band or tied up with a ribbon. Rocking a casual look like this means you can forego the blow dry and minimize the heat exposure to your hair.

When all else fails – Top if off with a topper! If you just can’t deal with trying to tame the beast that is your hair for a day at the beach or that pool party you’ve been looking forward to, channel your inner glamour girl and grab a stylish hat or wind a colorful scarf around your hair.

Bad hair days just seem worse in the summer. Keep them at bay using these practical tricks and make this summer memorable for all the right reasons. And don’t be afraid to try out a fun new style. If you’re a fan of creating signature styles, consider taking it to the next level with a career in cosmetology! If you’d like to learn more about a career in the world of beauty, contact your local state licensing board for a list of cosmetology schools in your area.

It’s a great time to start a beautiful future!

Makeup that Pops!



In today’s selfie driven world where standing out from the crowd is more important than ever, fortune favors the bold!  And for those of you bold enough to make a statement with a signature look that pops? You’ll surely have heads turning and all eyes on you! So, get bold and get noticed with some of these hot makeup trends that do more than pop. They explode with style! 

Eye of the tiger – Straight from the decade that made the song famous, circa 1980’s, bright colors are back! Sultry stares from brightly shadowed violet lids or smoky gray shadow combined with bright blue eye shadow are popping up everywhere and we love it!

Doing dewy and doing it well –Dewy, glowing skin is in! How do you “dew” it? Simple! Put down the matte finish and dry powder in favor of a good moisturizer or serum before applying foundation. And exfoliate once or twice a week to keep skin smooth and fresh looking!

Glossing it over – Speaking of dewy skin, pair your glow with high gloss – on your lips. Shimmery, shiny lip gloss is the perfect accessory to complete your eye-poppin look!

And if you’re feeling extra sassy, don’t be afraid to be even bolder with a bright cherry red or hot pink color under your gloss.

Get cornered – Applying a bit of color to the inner corners of your eyes is technique used by makeup artists to achieve a more wide-eyed, refreshed look. Adding color with some glitter or shine adds even more pop!

Make mine metallic – Metallic shades of silver, gold and rose-gold have all seen their ways to eye shadow, liner and even bronzer. Metallic lipstick is even more hot and can be part of your cool, futuristic look or hot, edgy rocker vibe. And it won’t leave you with the glitter litter that came from the glitter lipsticks of last year.

Upside down is right on – Continuing on from 2017, upside-down liner is still making an appearance on eyes everywhere in 2018. Applying your favorite shade to your bottom lash-line is an easy and fast way to make your eyes pop even more! Choose a color that works well with your skin tone and get your stare on.

Whether you’re trying to perfect a look that pops for the perfect selfie or for Saturday date night, be bold and have some fun with it. After all, the beauty of a beautiful new look is that it can be taken on and off whenever you choose for an even newer one. Are you a fan of creating signature looks and have a real talent for it? Maybe you are the perfect candidate for a career in the world of beauty! Not everyone has that beauty artist inside them and if you want to tap into yours, check out the programs offered by beauty schools in your area. Cosmetology, makeup artistry and esthetics are all parts of the beauty industry as a whole. Contact your local state licensing board for a list of schools in your area to learn more. It’s a beautiful world and you can be a part of the artists who help keep it that way!

make-up tips graphic

Easy Makeup Tips for a Busy Lifestyle

If your days tend to feel like a frenzied blur of juggling the multitude of obligations of work, family and making sure you don’t forget to feed the cat, you are not alone. So much to do and not enough hours in the day to do it, can have you desperately seeking ways to simplify your life. Despite our busy schedules, we know you still want to look your best as you navigate the craziness of your days. And you can! We’ve rounded up some easy makeup tips to help you maximize your time and look good doing it!

The eyes have it – The eyes may be the window to the soul but they are also the focal point of your face and reflect your lack of sleep more than any other feature. To achieve a well-rested look without layers of shadow, liner and more, apply a light concealer under your eyes and to your eyelids and dab with translucent powder. Apply a touch of mascara and you’ll look like you got more than the 4 hours of sleep you actually did.

Don’t get lippy – Or do! But you don’t need the multi-layers of lip liner, gloss and lipstick. Pick a good product that combines all 3, so that with a quick swipe in the morning you’ll be smile-ready in no time.

Sun-kissed in seconds – Well, self-tanner takes seconds to apply but actually develops over several hours. But if you apply it the night before, by morning you’ll look like you just got back from the beach.

Now you see it, now you don’t – Talk about quick and effective! There is nothing like a good concealer stick to “erase” the fatigue or other blemishes from your face. Dab in on over dark circles or red spots then gently smooth it in and you’ll look rested and unblemished in seconds!

Bolstered by bronzer – Another quick way to get a more sun-kissed look is to apply a sweep of bronzer across your cheeks. Use a make-up brush to contour the bronzer over your cheekbones, forehead and lightly over your eyelids and nose for an overall warm blush look.

Life can often feel like it’s moving at a frantic pace.  Keeping it together while you put your best face forward may sometimes feel like a tall order. But with a little effort and some of the tips above, you can win the rat race of your daily grind with confidence. Makeup is a fine art and skilled makeup artists can transform faces and lives with their talents. If you’ve always loved experimenting with makeup and creating signature looks, you might be the perfect candidate for a future in makeup artistry. It’s an exciting industry full of opportunities. Makeup artists find careers in the entertainment industry or freelance work at events like weddings, galas and proms. Or perhaps working in a salon or even opening your own salon! The possibilities are endless. To learn more about a career as a makeup artist, contact your local state licensing board for a list of beauty schools and the programs offered in your area. You get to decide what the make-up of your future will be!

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makeup tips


Maybe it’s the gloriously warm sun or the blissfully long summer days, but there’s definitely something about summer that brings out our desire to shine more than any other season! Ready or not, summer is here, and as you put away your parkas and pull out your flip-flops, you’re probably considering what you want your summer style to be.  Fortunately, the options are as plentiful as sand on the beach! So whether you’re the daytime beach goer, summer night on the town type, or both – this summer season has hot trends that are as natural or nurtured as you want them to be!

Blaze a beautiful trailwith bronzer! The toasty, bronzed look of sun-kissed, glowing skin is light on the face but packs a pretty and powerful punch. Don’t forgo the sunscreen though, cause you can get the sun-kissed look minus the damaging UV rays with bronzer! This easy summer look is the multi-tasker of make-up. It goes with anything, anywhere. Just sweep bronzer over your cheeks and eyes and get ready to be noticed!

Gorgeously gothic lips – Are you going for fierce and dramatic?  Try black lipstick and dark eyeliner and showcase your sultry side. Apply a lighter shade towards the center of your lips to really accentuate that boldly, gothic feel.

Candy coated color – If dark and sultry isn’t your thing, try making your lips make a statement with bright, candy colored lips! Don’t be intimidated by bright neon pink or bold cherry red! This summer, let your lips take center stage! But whether you are going gothic or bright on the lips, be sure to keep your lips hydrated and reapply color as needed.

The “Eyes” have it – Let your eyes be the main attraction without worrying about perfectly painted on eyeliner. The cool girl eye is an un-fussy, just rolled out of bed look with slightly smudged liner for a smoky stare. To achieve this style, don’t apply eyeliner to your eyelid, try riding over your lash lines and leaving it for an effortless looking, lightly smudged look.

The most important thing to keep in mind this summer is stay fearless! Don’t hesitate to try a new look you haven’t tried before. Make summer 2017 the year of you! If you’re looking for an even more adventurous summer, consider taking on the beauty industry as a whole. Careers in cosmetology are in high demand and you can master your own look and be the one people come running to help them master theirs! Join the fellow artists who are ready to help you prosper in the exciting world of beauty. Contact your local state licensing board to find a list of cosmetology schools near you. After all, are you waiting on success to arrive, or are you going out to find where it’s hiding?