Valentine’s Day Romantic Hairstyles

Valetines day romantic hair styles

Looking for romantic hairstyles for Valentine’s Day? We’ve got you. What’s not to love about a holiday where chocolate is practically mandatory, and all things love are definitely in the air? It’s true! Whether you’re blissfully in a relationship or blissfully single, Valentine’s Day is all about feeling the love! Even if it’s loving yourself enough to indulge in a night on the town with your fellow single friends. No matter what you have on deck this February 14th, face it with a love-inspired hairstyle that does the talking for you! Check out these hot hairstyles making their debut at romantic rendezvous everywhere this Valentine’s Day! 

Side-swept away

“Long, luxurious side-swept waves are so yesterday,” said nobody – ever! On the contrary, there doesn’t seem to be a reason not to rock romantic waves tumbling over shoulder. Sleep in a loose braid the night before and shake out those waves even more easily!

Embrace the loose braid

A loose, side braid with a few wispy tendrils escaping around your face – yes, please! There’s just something enchantingly impressive about pulling off a look that doesn’t look quite pulled together.

Sleek, shiny Princess Ponytail

That’s the look of a princess with a smooth, ultra-high ponytail. Super-sassy, yet sexy and subtle at the same time! How does she do it?

Dress up that lob

If you thought it was impossible to turn an ordinary lob into an extraordinary date-night romantic hairstyle, think again! Grab yourself some cheeky little flower or heart clips in bold colors – and place them throughout your lob to add some spunk and a little pizzazz.

Does anything rhyme with chignon?

When you look this good on Valentine’s day, who cares? And seriously, is there a more romantic hairstyle than the classic chignon bun? Remember to pull some stray strands around your face to complete the look.

Baby buns meet Bantu knots 

When you look this cute, we don’t care what you call them. These tiny knots/buns bring all the focus to that gorgeous face! Can you say eye contact?

Whatever your take on the most romantic, Hallmark holiday is – who said you can’t have a little fun with it? After all, it’s all about feeling that passion! If creating signature style is your passion all year round, maybe a career in cosmetology is right for you! If you’d like to learn more about the world of cosmetology, contact Shore Beauty School or book your tour today. Because, when passion and a career collide – beautiful things can happen!

Ready to Pump up the Volume on Your Hair?

Pump up the volume on your hair
Are you looking for ways to pump up the volume on your hair? You work so hard for your hair to look good every day, it’s safe to say that thin is not in. Unfortunately, some of us were born with hair so thin and fine that the word flat doesn’t go quite far enough to describe it. So, what’s a desperately-seeking volume hair fanatic to do? We’ll tell you! You can have fuller, more voluptuous hair! We’ve got 6 great tips for pumping up the volume on your hair.

Don’t tease me

Actually, DO tease – your hair, that is. Not the old-school way of teasing with a fine-toothed comb viciously combing your hair backwards. Use a brush with a mix of nylon and boar bristles to minimize breakage and back-brush your hair in sections in a few rapid strokes, spraying each section as you go with hairspray. Finish by brushing the top layer down smooth over the rest.

Cut to the chase

Cut your way to fuller hair is more accurate. Your cut can be a big factor in your hair’s volume. Shorter cuts tend to look fuller and adding layers has long been a go-to for stylists to increase volume.

Pick the right products

Not all hair is cut from the same cloth. If your roommate has naturally curly hair, chances are her shampoo and conditioner are not going to deliver the best results for your hair. Choose products that are specifically designed for your hair type. Volume-building shampoos and root-boosting sprays work great for adding fullness.

Condition with caution

Avoid conditioners that are too creamy and heavy. Apply conditioner to the bottom half of your hair only, to avoid weighing it down to an even flatter state.

Roll with the flow

Sleeping in hot rollers is another great way to add volume to your hair. Use the large size rollers and roll up your hair in two-inch sections all the way to the root. The next morning, va-va-va-volume!

Turn things upside down

Let gravity help you in your quest for volume. Flip your hair over and blow dry your hair upside down. Your roots are already lifting away from your scalp in that position so blow drying them in that direction gives you the volume right where you need it the most. Pulling off the look you want for your hair can start your day off right! So, if you want the fuller hair you have been dreaming for, give these easy tricks a try. If you’re more than a little passionate about creating signature hair styles, you might be perfect for a career in the exciting world of cosmetology! For more information on how to turn your passion into a rewarding way to earn a living, contact your local state licensing board for a list of beauty schools near you.

Holiday Party Hair Styles

Holiday Party Hairstyles

What’s trending for holiday party hair styles? It’s safe to say, most of us have enough things to worry about with crossing off our holiday to-do list. Pulling off the perfect look for the office Christmas party is probably somewhere toward the top. Fortunately, you found an absolutely epic party dress, and you’ve formulated a solid plan for pairing it with just the right makeup. But no holiday look would be complete without the perfect holiday party hair. For a little inspiration, check out some hot holiday hairstyles decking the halls everywhere this season!


A lob may seem sort of ordinary but with a few simple adjustments, it’s anything but! Pin smooth, side-swept bangs with a pretty bedazzled clip or bobby pin and flip the ends up, “it-girl” style. Retro meets mod for a festive nod to holiday glamour.

High, but halfway up

The half up, half down look gets an even more dramatic flair by pulling the up portion high atop your head. Secure it with a pretty pearl encrusted clip or a festive holiday style bow.

Not your average top knot

A beautifully messy top knot, just above the shoulder waves, is super sweet and whimsical and perfect for a holiday party!

Vintage glam

Channel your inner Marilyn with old-Hollywood waves on shorter to mid-length hair. Use large hot rollers or a large barreled curling wand to achieve this elegant style.

Waterfall waves

If you’re blessed with long hair for days, loose, waterfall waves are romantic and festive at the same time. Jazz it up a little further by pinning up one side with a jewel encrusted barrette.

Braid it – any way you want

A crown encircling milkmaid braid, a side swept French braid, or a glamourous fishtail braid down the center of your back – if you braid it, heads will turn! Grab a black or crimson colored velvet ribbon for the end of a long braid for an extra touch of holiday spirit.

The holidays are a special time of year filled with things we’ll always remember. So, why not mark the occasion this year with an unforgettable look! If you love creating signature looks, you might be a candidate for a career in the world of cosmetology! It’s the perfect time to start thinking about your beautiful future with a future in beauty! If you’d like to learn more about cosmetology careers, contact Shore Beauty School today!

Hot Fall Hair Trends

young woman outside hot fall hair

Cooler temperatures, blazing color all around us – yes, Autumn is almost here and it’s time to talk about the hot fall hair trends. Trying to keep your hair game strong? Check out some of the fun, funky, and fabulous options this season has to offer.

Please crimp my style

The good old crimping iron has made a comeback! We love it! Long, crimped locks are showing up on runways and red carpets everywhere.

Head gear

Headbands and scarves of all kind are a total go-to this fall and are the perfect accessory to add some warmth to your look. Let’s face it. The colors and options are endless!

Caramel latte

It’s not just for coffee anymore. This fall is bringing a deliciously warm caramel hair color to the heads of celebs and fashionistas everywhere.

Barrettes & bows

Both classic accessories add a feminine flair to a look. A long, loose ponytail tied with a long, black velvet bow lends an ultra-elegant feel. If you prefer an edgier vibe, multiple chunky barrettes can make the right statement.

Plumped up pixies

The cute pixie-cut makes a bigger impact when you turn up the volume a little. Adding some texture to this style is easy and we love the result!

Braids in all forms

 A fishtail braid, braid on each side of your face, French braid down the middle of your back, braided bun, or braids twisted into a crown are all hot for this fall. We still love all things braids! Why not? The options are endless!

Sleek and slick

The slicked back, sleek look is still center stage this season and can be paired with an equally slick ponytail or loose waves.

Ballerina bun

Buns are like braids in that the options are plentiful. This season’s bun of choice is the neatly put together ballerina bun. For a more feminine touch, accessorize with a jeweled clip or a flower or two.

With so many options, how is a fashion forward fan of style to choose? The good news is that this year’s hot fall hairstyles are pretty user friendly. Why not try them all? If experimenting with style is something you get excited about, you might be the perfect fit for a career in the beauty industry! Check out the beauty schools and programs offered in your area by contacting your local state licensing board. After all, getting paid to do something you love – what’s not to love?

Top Summer Wedding Hair Trends

Summer wedding trends a young bride in a gown and up-do hairstyle

A summer without weddings is like the 4th of July without fireworks. It wouldn’t be the same without them. Whether you’re in the wedding or a guest there to witness the big day, you’re going to want wedding hair that doesn’t require walking down the aisle to turn heads. Not to worry! We’ve got some great looks for this summer’s wedding season that will do the trick!

Every kind of up-do

We know there are a ton of variations to choose from here but for purely practical reasons, an up-do is great for a summer wedding. What better way to tame frizz and fight the sweltering heat than to pull it off your neck? A sleek topknot, a romantic side-swept chignon or a low-braided bun are all great options. Weave in some colored ribbon or accessorize with a bejeweled barrette for a little more glam.

Not your average pony

Ponytails just feel like summer. But for a wedding? Yes! Especially if you have long hair and are rocking a dress with gorgeous back details. A high ponytail curled with just a bit of loose wave is pretty and perfect!

Mermaids love weddings

Maybe the most romantic hair ever! Long, flowing waves over the shoulders, with pieces pulled back slightly on each side and secured with an eye-catching accessory.

Sleek, slick waves

A throwback to old Hollywood glam, slicked back waves parted on the side do double-duty of fighting frizz and looking fabulous! This look works well on pretty much most hair lengths.

The best accessory for any occasion is confidence. So, whatever hair you decide to rock, don’t be afraid to have a little fun with it. If your idea of fun is creating signature hair that rocks, you might be perfect for a career in cosmetology! Seriously, can you think of a more awesome way to earn a living than doing something you love? For more information on a career in cosmetology, contact your local state licensing board for a list of programs and schools near you.

Summer Hair Trends

woman wet hair

If you’re looking for a new look to heat up your summer, check out some of the trending hairstyles coming soon!

Bring on the barrettes

Every season and wave of hair trends seems to have their share of accessories. This summer’s accessory of choice is barrettes of all kinds to pin the hair back or to dress it up.

Ultra-long and low braids

This is not the romantic French or fishtail braid of seasons past, but a business-like braid that is wound tight and worn very low with sleek hair.

Not-quite beachy waves

Think 70’s center part – long, loose waves that are more morning after than just came back from the beach.

Sleek, shiny, smooth

Away from your face, sleek, and straight but with a blast of shine. A great go-to for hot, sticky summer weather.

Freshly showered

The wet look that isn’t wet is packing a lot of wow factor this season. Use a good hair lacquer or cream to achieve this summer fave.

Just un-do it

We’re talking about your updo. A partially undone look with some carefully pulled out tendrils is the ticket to a look that says I “do” what I want!

Summer is a great time to explore new hairstyles, so have a little fun exploring a whole new look! Love exploring signature looks all year-round? A career in cosmetology may be right for you! Why not turn your passion for beauty into a career doing something you love? To learn more about a career in cosmetology, contact your local state licensing board for a list of schools and programs near you. The perfect time to start your beautiful future is now!

Coolest Winter Hairstyle Trends

red head female showing off her hair

Ancient Greek philosopher and poet, Aristotle, said – “To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake, it is necessary to stand out in the cold.” Well, if you’re going to be out appreciating all that wintry beauty this year, why not make sure you look good doing it? After all, just like every snowflake is unique, so are you! And our coolest season is the perfect time to try out a hot new hairstyle! We’ve rounded up some of this year’s go-to looks that making more than snow melt!

It’s a crazy shade of winter – Contrary to the classic song, all the leaves are not brown, they’re all pretty much gone and a great way to inspire your winter is to bring some fall color with you! This season, one of the hottest color trends is all about burnished bronze, copper tones and rich, radical shades of red that don’t just pop, they explode!

Bang for your buck – There always seems to be a style for bangs that comes and goes with the season from the long-side swept bangs to sweet, baby bangs cut so short you’re not sure if it was a mistake or not. But this winter there’s something for everyone and if you got ‘em, (bangs, that is) – flaunt ‘em! Whether it’s the thick full forehead fringe, the choppy punkish vibe, or the side-swept long and lovely glam look – every set of bangs is welcome this season!

In betweeners – Uber curls or sleek, stick straight hair? If you have one, you typically want the other. But the subtle wave of choice this season, is somewhere in between and we love it! Long, shoulder length, lob or bob – a touch of wave adds a touch of romance and is far less time-consuming than taming an unruly mop of corkscrews into submission with a flat-iron or perking up ultra-straight hair into a mass of curls. If you don’t want to commit to one or the other, try somewhere in between.

Hat Hair –The “throw a hat on it,” seems a bit too predictable and kind of a copout, right? That is, until you see the too cute selection of hats keeping hair under control this winter. Try a simple, soft knitted beanie that allows your hair to frame your face and can be purchased in almost any color! Or a traditional, but oh so playful, knitted beanie with that adorable pom-pom on the top. There are even hats that are more headband than hat making a debut this winter. Some of them are even embellished with adorable rhinestone buttons to add a little pizazz to that combination head-warmer/head-turner you’re sporting.

Arctic Fox – What screams winter more than ice? Icy platinum that is. When the backdrop is a grey, wintry sky, ultra-blond will have you channeling your inner ice princess. Be sure to use a great toning shampoo and conditioner for this style to look perfectly platinum without looking like your hair is dried and fried!

Winter doesn’t have to be dreary and dreaded folks. It’s just one more opportunity mother nature gives us to express ourselves. So, get out there and don’t be afraid to be a different snowflake every day! If you’re a fan of expressing yourself by creating signature looks and then recreating them over and over – maybe, you should explore a career in cosmetology! To learn more about a career in cosmetology, check out some of the beauty schools in your area or contact your local state licensing board for a list of accredited schools. No matter what season it is, cosmetologists are out there making the rest of us look good and changing the world one hot hairstyle at a time!


summer hair style woman


Winter coats packed away – check. Flip-flops unpacked – check. New summer hairstyle – to be determined. Yes, summer is on the horizon and what better way to roll into our season of sweltering heat and humidity than with a summer hairstyle that is beyond cool but looks hot!

We’ve made the rounds and gathered up all the latest styles making a splash at pools and beaches everywhere this summer. Check out these hot summer hairs trends and get ready cause they are bringing the heat! 

Festival of micro proportions – Micro braids that is. A go-to style for music festival fans, the myriad of micro braids is oh so boho, yet practical at the same time. This playful style can be jazzed up with a simple colored ribbon wound into the braids framing your face. We love music festivals and we love this style!

Get off your high horse – Translation – no more sky-high ponytail. We’re dropping it low and keeping it classy with a sleek or textured low ponytail. Add an even more finished look by wrapping your hair around the elastic band.

Can I be blunt – Out with asymmetrical and layered bobs, we love the edgy simplicity of the one-length blunt cut. This style works particularly well if you have very fine hair. Make sure you add a touch of shine spray or a drop of oil to get that glossy look.

Catch a wave – Tousled beachy waves always seem to make their way to the style stage summer after summer. Long, short or in the middle length hair are all suitable for this easy look that can be touched up with a little dry shampoo and fingers through your hair. Low-maintenance is a summer necessity!

Less is more – More flirty, more sassy, more pixie! What could be cuter or cooler than the uber-short pixie cut? You can rock it short and choppy or shaped and sexy but either way, it’s a win and easily maintained with a touch of hair wax or serum.

Every bun is welcome – The tight top knot, the sky-high 60’s bun, the loosely gathered at the nape romantic bun, the sleek ballerina bun… are all welcome at this summer style table! Added bonus for any bun – keeps you cooler and your hair under control for any hot summer adventure.

Noncommittal –  Don’t wanna commit to a cut or color this summer, that’s ok! You can still get a whole new look by adding accessories. Clips, barrettes and all things 90’s hair are back and can be a fun focal point to your summer look without post color/cut remorse.

Whatever style you decide to roll with this summer, have some fun with it and don’t be afraid to mix things up and make it a summer to remember. If you’ve always loved trying out new styles and have a flair for creating signature looks, maybe a career in Cosmetology is right for you! Let’s face it, the world is filled with people who need that flair to find the look that works for them. If you’re ready to bring style to the masses, check out the local beauty schools in your area. For a list of schools in your area, contact your local state licensing board and get ready to join the talented artists blazing a trail in the exciting world of beauty.

hair tips


Many people are the victim of their own crime when it comes to their hair and often inflict upon themselves perfectly avoidable damage by not knowing the do’s and don’ts of good hair care practices. Fortunately, you can arm yourself with knowledge about how to prevent damage to your hair and if you heed a few simple tips, you can keep yourself from committing the ultimate crime of self-inflicted permanent bad hair days.

  1. Change it up Before it Changes on You! Certain styles that constrict the hair follicle such as a ponytail or a bun, can cause extra stress on your hair due to the unnatural tension. Try to avoid tight rubber band accessories and a style that tightly grips your hair day after day. This can cause hair follicles to split or break and create frizzy, unhealthy hair. It’s ok to throw that hair in a soft scrunchie that is a little easier on the hair, but let your hair breathe in between to keep it looking healthy.
  2. You Snooze you Lose! That is, don’t snooze with a wet head. Before going to bed make sure your hair is completely dry. Not only will your hair dry in a strange shape, going to sleep with wet or damp hair leaves you more vulnerable to dandruff.
  3. Poolside Problems- As we know, chlorine can be public enemy #1 for your hair. Not only does it dry out your hair but any highlights or dye can be altered from being in contact with that summer swimming fun. Always give your hair a rinse after you take a dip in the pool. One preventative measure you can take is lathering your hair with some hair oil or coconut oil before swimming, which acts as a shield and can keep the majority of harmful chemicals out.
  4. Blowout Boundaries- Many hairstylists tend to be time crunched and may be rushing your blowout; therefore, using high heat to speed up the process. Be sure that your stylist isn’t a jam-packed one where this could be an issue. Bringing your own hair thermal protection can save the day also.
  5. Touch-up Tendencies- When drying your own hair, most tend to go all the way to the ends every time. Doing this can dehydrate your hair which can result in an unnatural blend of color. Preventative measures can be applying conditioner where you wish to stop to prevent the dye from running.
  6. Under the UV- Sunscreen in the hair is crucial for your days at the beach or pool but you should make it a habit to do this more frequently no matter what you’re doing. Believe it or not any and all light can be damaging to your hair. This includes the sun, being near any windows or even the lights in your office or house. Stay protected to avoid lightening of your hair color.
  7. Protein Mask Mishaps- Although protein masks are fantastic for repairing hair, be sure to keep a good balance between protein and moisture. Too much of just protein can leave your hair fragile.

If you were enlightened on harmful hair care situations, it’s never too late to turn things around. Be sure with this summer in full heat you’re prepared to protect your hair. If you want to be on top of your hair game and are open to endless learning about beauty and cosmetology, contact your local state licensing board to find a school that suits you. Stay fresh, stay clean, and most importantly, stay on top of your game!

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beard header


If you are a fan of the full facial hair experience, you know that a great B.E.A.R.D. = being exceptional among regular dudes. And to truly achieve such exceptionalism, it’s essential to understand the beard, to revere the beard and most importantly, know how to care for the beard! Fortunately, this glorious ode to manliness has been around for centuries and well-groomed men everywhere can now use these easy tips to keep their beards looking absolutely epic!
  1. Patience makes the beard grow longer – Even though it can be itchy and awkward during its formation, resisting the urge to trim or style your newly sprouted beard in the first month or two, is essential. Everyone’s beard grows at a different pace so be patient until yours has a chance to fill in evenly.
  2. Cleanliness is next to beardliness – Keeping your beard clean is as important as keeping the hair on your head clean but can be more difficult because you essentially eat with your beard too! Shampoo it just as you would your scalp and use conditioner to keep coarse beard hair softer. Avoid vigorous towel drying and pat your beard dry to keep it from looking frizzy.
  3. Show me the shape of your beard – Decide on a beard shape and style that suits your face. If your face is rounded and full, shape your beard with strong lines around the jaw to minimize curves. For angular faces, a longer beard can lend a fuller look to your face. During the growth period and launch of your beard, trim and train your beard based on the shape you have chosen.
  4. Speaking of training – Training your beard requires regular trimming and nothing relaxes a beard like a nice rub of good quality beard oil. Use a beard comb or brush after applying the beard oil and soon your beard will be soft, shiny and smell great!
  5. Tools of the trade – Like anything else, having the right tools make any job easier. Invest in a good quality adjustable beard trimmer, trimming scissors and a beard comb and brush. Through trial and error, you will figure out the best way to trim your beard for optimal results.
  6. When to say when – to trim – Knowing when to trim is as important as trimming in general so be careful not to over trim or to not trim enough. And never trim a wet beard. Just as your hair is longer when wet, your beard will appear longer too and you can end up trimming too much off of a wet beard.
  7. Don’t fear commitment – You have to commit to a beard maintenance routine. If you vary too far from a regular scheduled trim, wash or shaping, you can be right back where you started in pre-beard purgatory.
 The beauty of the beard is that they do come in so many shapes and styles making it easy to find the one that works for you. You can always visit your favorite barber for some good advice and quality trimming assistance. Barbers are typically trained in a wide variety of trimming and shaving techniques and can help you see your beard through to its fullest potential! The barbering industry is always looking for talented craftsman to wield the tools of their trade. If you’ve ever thought about becoming a professional barber, check out local barbering schools in your area by visiting your local state licensing board’s website for more information.